Thursday, 6 October 2011

Moda Lisboa – 6th October – Arrival at Moda Lisboa

Arrival at Moda Lisboa
Checking into Heathrow Airport I’m desperately worried that about my luggage allowance.... is there one?! How much is it?! Am i going to have to dump half my wardrobe in left luggage?! My oversized suitcase however is only 17kilos – I think that means it’s time to shop!! TAP Portugal are such a great airline, I flew with them to Brazil and they are just average planes but with such friendly staff, check in away from all the hustle and bustle and with an on board meal – heroes.
Arriving at least an hour earlier than needed I had a chance to shop, I bought a new (crap) digital camera which I have already dropped, threw some make up on and discovered that I want most of the tacky rubbish stocked in the Harrods Terminal 1 store!
Flying into Lisbon is beautiful, we fly low over the huge iconic Christ statue and over the San Francisco esque bridge – ok... I haven’t done my research yet. I was met at the airport by a fashionable darling then passed onto an equally cute driver. Luxury eh?
The hotel Fontana Park hotel is right in the centre of Lisbon I am told and is ultra chic, with huge plate glass windows and all black walls – the room numbers are on the floor so I wandered round for at least 10 minutes like an idiot trying to find my room. Every thing inside the room is electronic, blinds, shutters, huge wardrobes a bed big enough for 8. Lovely!
Chucking everything away and having a nosh on my penguin stash I get ready to go... realising that I’ve missed the first convoy of cars to the opening shows.... Ooops.
The opening is confusing – I’m not sure what I’m looking at except for one jewellery designer using recycled wooden beads. But there is a champagne bar and so many of my friends from previous fashion weeks are here so the trip is off to a good start!

I do have a press release with all the ins and outs of this show but I will add all these details later!!
Now for the shows....

Welcome to Moda Lisboa!!

Jemima Daisy x

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