Thursday, 27 October 2011

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland October 2011 – Arriving in Lodz

Boarding my plane from heathrow at 6:30am after leaving my house at 4 I had a huge panic attack when my guide Magda text me to tell me a driver was picking me up from Lodz airport, mainly because I was on board a service to Warsaw! Touching down in Warsaw and turning my phone back on my fears disappeared: There is a car waiting for you. The car of course was a shiny new BMW – who would expect less?! Got to love fashion week!

The trip to Lodz took even longer than the flight as new roads are being built for the EuroCup football being hosted in Warsaw next year, a highway is being built to make the stadium more accessible. Apparently the Polish football team usually manage 3 games before dropping out of the competition but there are high hopes for this coming event...

I arrived at hotel Andels, the building is a beautiful old factory, totally renovated except for a few ‘feature’ walls and the old style high ceilings and windows. The details in the room are gorgeous, the head boards all mixed textiles and individual with matching cushions, under floor heating in the bathroom, a walk in shower... a walk in toilet (the glass walls make you feel like a museum exhibition... very strange), a bath, window seats, up lights, down lights, lamps, air conditioning. Its a beautiful place to stay. 

Gorgeous room!

Back lit facial tissues? How cute?!

Casual bathroom pose...

The confessional chair in my wardrobe.

Gorgeous unique headboards.

Upon arriving in my room I find that I have another marvellous Fashion Philospophy Goodie bag. Inside is a huge tin of biscuits, magazines (in Polish...) Maybelline make-up and a gorgeous hard back notebook, a Fashion Week Poland diary for 2012, a phone holster by Bogie, six hideously sweet Blow energy drinks and a guide to the week. This s always a good start!

Goodie baaag!

Myself and my guide have a wander round the attached Manafactura shopping centre, stuffed full of reasonably priced clothes, shoes and costmetics; my guide knows the best places so I don’t need to search through crappy stores to get to the good ones!

After settling in comes the welcome dinner in the Royal Pallazzio where the gorgeous room is half full with fine food and important government bods, who i avoid talking to in fear of offending someone with my English-ness.

Standard Lazy Plane wear. Love my Woolenstocks!

Face in hole at the Palace museum!

So I brought 6 pairs of shoes, no hair brush, no toothpaste, no hair grips,  no hairspray. Nothing useful really... !

Next is the Re Act fashion show... The show is all about recycling and features two guest designers and 20 student, 3 piece collections. Re Act is all about recycling, reusing and making the fashion industry more ecologically friendly. So, hemp and paper mache was the course of the day. 

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