Thursday, 6 October 2011

The evenings entertainment...

So after a day full of fashion we returned to the hotel for a cocktail reception. Open bar. Great, I’m not drinking this month.
However there was a shmorgusborg of wonderful canapés including Sushi (although I don’t eat fish i was told it was very good!) sandwiches, tiny canapés of toash with garlic cream cheese, portugese tarts AND a guy cooking pasta with sauce of your choice. Very fancy.

Lots of cheese please chef!

The soiree lasted until 1.30am and we moved on to a club called BedRoom where the atmosphere was great but sober and tired after an hour we left.
The Lovely Angela!
Despite the lack of energy it was still such a fun night hanging out with Angela Gillytart...I mean Gilltrap, Jean-Luc Dupont (@systeme_d) and all the other wonderful journalists I met in Poland last season!

Jemima Daisy

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