Sunday, 23 October 2011

Danish Wakeel’s - DEATH BEING EROTICIZED – Fashion Show and short film premiere

On Friday 21st October I was asked to choreograph the fashion show for Danish Wakeel’s fashion collection – this included selecting a sound track which meant I could indulge my inner-goth.

Arriving harassed and late I was met with a wall of gorgeous models and my first move was to warn all involved of my way of working. Listen to what I say, do what I say or I will turn into an absolute bitch. 

After this uplifting pep-talk I began to get the show ready, creating collection order and having a look through the collection. Based around love and lust vs. death the collection featured glamorous, sparkling gold mixed with dark undertones of feathers and black – looking like a wonderful mixture of Soho drag and road kill.  Structuring was innovative and bold with sleeves being attached to hoods of corseted jackets giving the collection a bondage edge with these torturous outfits – the models wearing such outfits were so good!
 They kept quiet and barely complained about their weirdly held body shapes (I would have moaned endlessly)!

The collection was started with a short film premiere of the new collection, filmed in a castle and featuring a femme fatale luring men to her lair and then killing and torturing them – a standard weekend in the country then!!
The females were wearing draped dresses featuring cut-outs and sexy plunging backs and flowing maxi skirts and juxtaposed the innovative, structured menswear. T-shirts featured images of the designer, Danish Wakeel, wearing the collection. Make up was deep blues and golds with eyes painted onto the face (I have a feeling this was on my suggestion!) as well as body art by Tamara Gitter.

Feathers, glitter and lace trims were scattered throughout the collection that was overall incredibly well received and quite hypnotic to watch. To match the subversive, evil undertones of the collection I featured heavier music than I would ever usually use in a fashion show starting with Muse – Showbiz. Slowing down the standard catwalk and adding some strange body movements to show inner anguish with the men and the aloofness of the women the collection started out well. The next song featured was Rammsteins Engel accenting the male/female contrast through the classical vocals. Speeding up proceedings and adding an even darker side was Silent Descent’s as yet unreleased new single Psychotic Euphoric (Thanks for letting me use this guys!!). Considering this is a trance metal track, played in a Mayfair hotspot it went down incredibly well and heads were bouncing around the club, this faded into Pendulum’s Island part II track that is a fast paced drum and bass beauty and the body crippling bass lines added so much depth to the show.
The shows finale was walked to the legendary tones of AC/DC Black in Black.
What a great show! Congrats Danish!

Lovely Ladies and gents inc. my wonderful assistant Jennie Thompson and Michaela Harewood

Working with one of the models

Showing off my Catwalk Skillz in rehearsal with designer Danish Wakeel


Glitter, feathers and body art!

Feather, sparkles and lace trim

Sexy draping and goddess women

Torture structure and corsetting

Custom t-shirts

Golden suit!

Much Love
Jemima Daisy

For anyone who heard my attempt at mastering electric DJ decks you would have probably noticed that I’m not and will never be a professional DJ – too many buttons!!

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