Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Shoe Love....

So today I just thought I'd spread my shoe love a little further...

Shoes I can't live without this season....

These are probably the comfiest shoes I have ever had in my life - they are hand crafted by Himalayan artisans so I feel really special! I still haven't worked out if I'm meant to wear them outdoors or not but I wore them to the corner shop yesterday and felt like the crazy lady in her slippers...
How ever indoors they are amazingly comfy, warm and they look fricking awesome. 

Well I am afraid according to Schuh these are the last pair in a size 7 in London.... and they are all mine!  
I have been begging my beloved for these shoes for months... and threw a rather unattractive hissy fit upon discovering these were the last pair. Until my rather attentive boyfriend went and collected them for me.

If you are also obsessed with Hello Kitty (doubtful as you are an adult...) then you can get various colours of this shoe in other sizes. Apparently they weren't ordered in adult sizes because adults don't want to wear them. What a load of shit. FAVOURITE!

Much love to!/schuhshoes who found these for me!

Vienne Westwood/Melissa 3 Strap Heels.
Honestly the best pair of heels I have ever owned. 
These feel so ridiculously good - the rubber they are made out of smells sweet as well... so no sweaty feet at the end of the night! Now, after finding these in the sale for £55 in Davina, Bromley a few months ago I am now lusting after the same pair.... In Sparkling Blue! 
If you're at fashion week and bump into me I can almost guarantee I will be wearing one of these pairs of shoes!! 

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