Friday, 30 September 2011

Paris Fashion Week Day 1

I am back in the wonderful city of Paris! Again accompanied by the one and only Sannita Hancock.

I would like to mention the weather. It is summer here and I am sweating monstrously. Love it!

Being stingy and freelance meant that we travelled to Paris by coach, leaving at 10:30pm we arrived in Paris at 5am after a coach trip from hell...
A woman, fat, possibly pregnant, chain smoking and obviously drunk with an Essex accent, witchy piecing cackle and with severe attention deficit disorder... as in she needs all the attention, all of the time was sat/sprawled 10 rows back and was obnoxious the entire trip. Eventually managing fitful sleep and praying that my Aquascutum coat didn’t get vomit or wee on as I slept.

Anyway... we are in Paris. We are checked in to a rather grotty yet functional hotel near Porte D’Orleans. It aint classy.
Today after late check in (we got there 2 hours before the room was ready!) and going to collect a wodge of tickets we headed to Rue De Pompe where I had heard of a charming little store ‘Reciproque’.  If you have enough money to splurge but not enough to shop Champs D'Elysees you have to go here. The ground floor is full of rails; the shop looks like it’s a grotty second hand store. Everything is designer. We found Dior, La Croix, Versace, Chanel... the list goes on. The sizes are generally tiny so although I fell in love with a huge, billowing, vintage, 50’s couture skirt... I was unable to purchase it. NOTHING to do with the 300€ price tag.  
Also found a ridiculously oversized Balenciaga handbag in their accessories section which nearly had me weeping and wondering how long I would have to save for... (Forever!)
Sannita was ensconced with a stunning royal blue, silk Versace number with beautiful draped sleeves and divine cut outs... as well as Chanel courts.

The down side to this Aladdin’s Cave is the staff and the basement.
Fair enough you’re stocking expensive stuff... but really.... following us round like hawks?! We obviously are here to admire, are doing so respectfully and would like you to piss off snooty lady!
The basement houses ‘lower labels’, shoes and fur. The fur was incredible, for a vegetarian that’s saying a lot – all sorts of designers in an array of gorgeous colours and styles... beautiful. The shoes were pretty average – apart from some studded Mui Mui wedges there was nothing attractive to fit my big feet! We also found a pair of New Look shoes on the shelf – selling for 69€... Are you shitting me?!

In the large basement room the layout is a nightmare. Apart from a mental rubix cube Lacoste jumper dress that would never fit over my hips it was impossible to find anything. Shame as there were certainly hidden gems.... somewhere.

Next was a wander through the surrounding streets full of posh cars, immaculately dressed families and obvious affluence. No one selling Eiffel Tower key rings here!

Anyway.... shows coming soon!

Au Revoir!

Stylish Sannita

Not all that stylish but Loving my HelloKitty Vans!

Sunny Paris Street

Jemima Daisy

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