Thursday, 15 September 2011

Our Teenage Superstars...

Recently there's been a huge media focus on gorgeous delicate teens in fashion and entertainment.

Obviously I'm more interestesd in the fashion side...

At the tender age of 15 Hailee Steinfield is already the face of Mui Mui, wearing gorgeous sophisitcated dresses on the red carpet as well as in the stunning, 40's style campaign.

Dakota Fanning is the face of Marc Jacobs 'Oh Lola' perfume, has been on various magazine covers and is constantly in the spot light for her new grown up look.

Dakota's little sister Elle is the Rodarte Muse and has modeled for Marc Jacobs at 13 years old... should  we be worried that this gorgeous little girl with her plain model face is being thrown too young into the world of models?

When puberty hits and she gains weight she's going to find it so much harder, you can't sqeeze puppy fat into a size 6!! I worry for these little darlings.

How ever they are gorgeous and the campaigns are another huge asset to their enterntainment CV's but when they turn all Lohan on us... Don't say I didnt tell you...

Much Love

Jemima Daisy

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