Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mark Fast - LFW - Monday 19th September 2011

The Mark Fast collection was made up of 5 basic colours.

Starting with nude, to yellow, morphing into orange, becoming an intense red then darkening to black. It was slow, obvious progression that looked really effective.
Garments were sheer and had the look of deconstructed, glamourous string vests with flowing trims and varied length skirts. This crocheted look continued with ruffled girly dresses and layering before turning to more angular yellow garments with coral ruffled trims.
Mark fast carried this crochet look through the entire collection with variations on the crocheted theme until the evening wear became fiery, structured and printed. The final garment was a black maxi dress with a huge appliqué ruffled skirt with flashes of yellow and orange running through the hem.
Jemima Daisy
Photography Luke Charles

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