Friday, 16 September 2011

Corrie Nielson & Caroline Charles - LFW - Friday 16th September 2011

Corrie Nielsen
Arriving just on time in a luminous setting, the show started with a structured tuxedo with a regal attitude. There was a strong androgynous feel throughout the show with hips structure protruding out the jackets and scarves bulging out of the necklines. White heavily pleated trousers were added with a strong Japanese feel slowly entering the collection. There was a waistcoat in a white satin, with chiffon billowy sleeves added there were large subtle spots printed onto the chiffon which shimmered down the catwalk. A dark Victorian element was being recognised but also a Japanese twist was entwined. Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s gothic novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, there was a constant masculine silhouette with cinched in waists to maintain the feminine figure. Keeping to the Japanese twist, silks and folded bows were added to jackets which created an elegant look. A traditional Japanese print was used on a kimono style jacket matched with long floaty tailored trousers. Lots of volume was inserted at the shoulders and hips with structure, this reminded me of Vivienne Westwood as there were lots of silk crepe satins. Organic colour palettes were used, such a grey/golds, one dress was beautifully structured with stripes going round diagonally in spots. With a stunning sheer folded colour rising high, it maintained the regal elegant look the Japanese have. Mixing traditional and modern together, one piece which really stood out was the structured white tulle dress which resembled a lantern and had a minimalist corseted top.

Caroline Charles
The collection began with Chanel style jackets with full trousers, all cinched in at the waist and wearing small straw boating hats. In vibrant colours such as orange and reds, it was a bold choice to make which I’m not sure worked. Taking obvious inspiration from Chanel, there was a Parisian feel to the collection with white jackets and black trousers, about five different versions of the same outfit. Out of nowhere came these acceptable scale sequined dresses which swung nicely below the knees. Overall this show looked like it could be put in Marks and Sparks, not in a good way, classic but boring.

By Sannita Hancock - My Paris Lover

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