Tuesday, 16 August 2011

ASUS Video Shoot... Photo shoot

So, while filming for ASUS yesterday - they shot me shooting a jewellery shoot - Here are some of the pics!

Model : Jess Tweed
Jewellery : Ruby Browning
Make up : Jemima Daisy & Daniel Vaudd
Hair : Jemima Daisy
Photography : Jemima Daisy

Sunday, 14 August 2011

September, October - Looking Exciting

I'm revving up for the Fashion Weeks - looking forward  to blogging furiously, partying hard and hanging out in the press area.

Fashion Weeks I've got lined up so far :

London Fashion Week - September 16th - 20th 2011

Moda Lisboa - October 6th - 9th 2011
Very excited for fashion in Portugal! Always love a new fashion week!

Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland - October 26th - 30th October 2011
So happy to be going back to Lodz! Met some really great people out there and loved their fashion week! Also I am craving Polish Vodka! 

Catch up...

So since my last post I have again been so neglectful of my blog - Even bloggers need a holiday and Cornwall isn't exactly fashion central - so an overview of recent bits and bobs...

Devon Trip
I went down to Salcombe for 5 days to stay with my mummy and shoot a wedding.
Salcombe is where the whole of Chelsea summers, houses are insanely expensive as are the clothes in the limited shops. Jack Wills' first store opened there, as did Upper Crust so there are still the authentic old shops. Everywhere you look you see Ray Bans and deck shoes - add a nautical striped shirt, a cut glass drawl and jump on a yacht and you'll fit in marvellously. 

My favourite shop down there is Amelia's Attic - it's a gorgeous pinky girly boutique with a vintage look. Made in Chelsea stars Cheska and Gabby  regularly model for the store and there are photos scattered around the store of the girls on the beach in exclusive 'Salcombe babe' hoodies and panties.
The range of clothes really varies with to die for Iron Fist bikini's for sale there as well as some gorgeous polka vintage style dresses, gorgeous onsies and a variety of books, accessories and jewellery - definately worth a visit if your in the area!

I spent most of the time dressed in my usual shroud like clothes - summer dressing really isn't my high point. Here's my rather unconvincing attempt at the 'summer holiday' look...

 Swimming in the sea! I hate this usually but the water was sooo clear and I couldnt lose faec infront of the family!! Was lovely :)

 Shorts and a bra in the sea - classy.
 Pimms O'Clock! At a lovely little place called the Winking Prawn where they have a great outdoor BBQ. Sadly they delivered my veggi option on a plate full of fish, covered in fish oil. After throwing up in my mouth a little bit I had to send it back and get it re grilled!!!

My mummys cottage is so lovely :) (At the top of a bloody mountain though...)


Next stop was photographing a wedding in Ashburton at the Lavender House Hotel. It was a lovely wedding, a great location with an outside ceremony and overall a successful day! Here are a few sneaky pics.

After all this I popped back to London for two days then whizzed down to Cornwall to spend a week with my boyfriend and his family - there were 10 of us sharing a holiday cottage which, lets face it, scared the hell out of me.... Can I be myself? Do I have to be NICE all the time?!
As it was I could be myself and I had an amazing time. Tom's brother was starring in a rather fabulous play at the Minack Theatre. The costumes were incredible - all very 1920's flapper - gorgeous! 

Nothing really to post but I did have a lovely time - the coast is so gorgeous!
Stunning Sea Side!

Me, the boyf and his doggies... on a cliff - dangerous.

Casual boys only banter....

My lovely vintage playsuit and Rachel in a dashing maxi!

We tried to convince the kids to get into fancy dress... they weren't impressed but we had a GREAT time!

 Another beach trip...

Of course the holiday was slightly marred by the 'London Riots'... watching the news, looking at Facebook and Twitter terrified me. Hearing total rubbish on twitter saying that Bromley was being decimated, the fires in Croydon and the take over of London. It seems so sad that the general feeling of so many in the country is one of total disregard, misery and violence. 
Also of stupidity: who the hell loots POUNDLAND?! The most your going to be able to steal is £10 worth of crisps, flakey plastic crap and a few colouring books or 10 lighters and batteries that last 10 minutes. What a stupid thing to do, everythings on CCTV - how embarrassing to get a court order for ROBBING POUND LAND?! Idiots. 
Now I'm back and tomorrow I am filming an advert with ASUS on Monday, we will be shooting Ruby Browning Jewellery with this stunning model Jess. 
It will be advertising the ASUS Wavi - check out the reviews!
It's like an Xbox Kinnect and its fricking awesome!
Will also be featuring some pretty banging designer garments! 
Will upload pics and highlights tomorrow! :)

Much Love!

Jemima Daisy x


Big shout out to Emily Tullet, leaving us to move to New York! I have worked with Emily at Fashion Enter for 2/3 years now and we are all going to miss her SO MUCH! She's recently achieved a first in her business degree and is now completing a post grad certificate in New York working at Citi Bank! Pretty awesome yes?! We had a wicked night out on Friday to see her off - good luck girly! <3