Thursday, 21 July 2011

Well this is awkward....

Tyra Banks was spotted in New York wearing a pink, spandex catsuit promoting her new book with some fiendish looking models in green.

Despite being an absolute babe and a very good business woman - this is fucking hideous.

What relevance does the fire hat have?!
Oh my god, are those water pistols?!

The model 'entourage' is also a little flakey. The model on the left appears to be a bit of a dog and seems to be wearing totally different shoes to the rest of the merry band. Also what are with those 'Blue Peter' style eye patches? Ew.

The debut novel Modelland is going to be part of a trilogy apparently and in this 'street theatre' stunt Tyra is dressed as one of the fantasy characters from the novel.

The series of books are apparently loosely based on Tyra's own experiences as a model - stringing a story that brings a teenage girl and her friends to a pretend place called Modelland.
'Every girl in the world wants to go there because it's where 'Intoxibellas' are trained,' Tyra wrote.
'Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce and, yeah, maybe they have some powers too. But I'm confirming NOTHING! Ha. You gotta wait for the book,' she added.

From the photo's it looks like this novel is going to be about a tacky, over-rated, middle aged American woman doing insane stunts in the street in a desperate attempt to prove she isn't over the hill.... in three books.

Can't wait to review this one. Should be a laugh.

Jemima Daisy x

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