Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse - Dead!

Today it was announced that Amy Winehouse has died after a suspected drug overdose.

Although this woman was an incredibly talented performer she has been plagued with drug problems her whole life and has been in and out of rehab for years, commonly embarrassing herself in the media and earning her little respect in the industry. She has recently pulled out of gigs and tours and instead preached to her fans to buy Dionne Bromfield's album.... 

Although we've heard that she is dead, no further information has been announced.

In all honesty when you hear such news it is no surprise - Sex, drugs and rock & roll always end in tears, but the funeral is going to be one hell of a party.

RIP - Should have gone to rehab not said 'No, No, No!'

If this is all a crack induced publicity stunt - Congrats!

Much Love

Jemima Daisy

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Well this is awkward....

Tyra Banks was spotted in New York wearing a pink, spandex catsuit promoting her new book with some fiendish looking models in green.

Despite being an absolute babe and a very good business woman - this is fucking hideous.

What relevance does the fire hat have?!
Oh my god, are those water pistols?!

The model 'entourage' is also a little flakey. The model on the left appears to be a bit of a dog and seems to be wearing totally different shoes to the rest of the merry band. Also what are with those 'Blue Peter' style eye patches? Ew.

The debut novel Modelland is going to be part of a trilogy apparently and in this 'street theatre' stunt Tyra is dressed as one of the fantasy characters from the novel.

The series of books are apparently loosely based on Tyra's own experiences as a model - stringing a story that brings a teenage girl and her friends to a pretend place called Modelland.
'Every girl in the world wants to go there because it's where 'Intoxibellas' are trained,' Tyra wrote.
'Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce and, yeah, maybe they have some powers too. But I'm confirming NOTHING! Ha. You gotta wait for the book,' she added.

From the photo's it looks like this novel is going to be about a tacky, over-rated, middle aged American woman doing insane stunts in the street in a desperate attempt to prove she isn't over the hill.... in three books.

Can't wait to review this one. Should be a laugh.

Jemima Daisy x

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Exit Ten

Just put together the banner for this fabulous band's facebook bandpage - make sure you check them out!

Such great music from a new emerging artist!

Click to have a listen!

Interview coming soon....

Much Love,

Jemima Daisy

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Perfect for: Summer Swimmers!

The summer is pretty much over in the UK but if you’ve got a holiday on the way you can still indulge in a holiday shop. Here are 5 of the best swimwear pieces around and where they will suit you best!

Perfect for:  Family

If you want to look divine but your heading off with Mum, Dad and a few cousins then this stunning one piece will be perfect – without being overly sexy and embarrassing Uncle’s you can look classy chic and gorgeous by the pool as well as keeping you 'supported' while you're running around with the kids!
Paolita also stock truly gorgeous bikinis to sort all so check out their online shop!
Paolita - £145
Destination : Try a Mark Warner Holiday - Although they can be pricey there's tonnes of fun for all the family!

Perfect for: Pulling

If your gifted in the bust region or not then this bikini is the best enhancing bikini on the market right now. If you want wolf whistles then this triple gel bikini top will give you the power!
It comes in a variety of colours but its doubtful that any passing love interest will notice the colour over the cleavage!
La Senza
Top : £25
Tie Side bottoms: £12
Boy Shorts : £14

Destination : Puerto Banus - Marbella - Flash your assets and pull a Ferrari toting hottie in one of the classiest beach towns in Spain.
Perfect for: Posing

For some the beach is a place to show off a flawless tan, large wallet and ability to sink 30 champagne cocktails in a day. This gorgeous white swim costume has just the right amount cut out to look classy and sexy in the same stroke while the white will shine out against a sunkissed bod. Should be worn with wedges and a Hermes Birkin!
Micheal Kors - £220

 If your faking it then try this ASOS version with just the wedges, an oversized hat and a beautiful man!
ASOS - £11
Destitination : Cannes, the only place to be seen this summer either on the beach, in a bar or on a yacht!

Perfect for: Vintage lovers

If you don’t want to leave your vintage roots behind when you head abroad but don’t want to wear a 70’s knitted one piece then this green lace print with a deep plunging neck is perfect. Its a bargain at £30 and you know it’s going to look amazing with a huge pair of black sunnies and a string of pearls.
ASOS - £30
Destination : Find a lovely little boutique B&B by the lakes in Austria or Sweden, perfectly chilled and a great backdrop for gorgeous swimwear!

Perfect for: Clubbing

If you are into clubbing, raving and stripping down in nightclubs then you will love this gorgeous white peacock patterned bikini from  Cia Maritima. The white will glow under UV light and the vibrant pattern will look bold and gorgeous without going for colour blocked neons – everyone else will be doing that anyway!
Cia Maritima
Top - £46
Bottoms - £46
Destination : Head to the Thai coast for all night parties, scalding heat and great shopping. If this is too far then the obvious choice is Ibiza!

If this is a little pricey for you then check out the ASOS swimwear sale – mix and match colour pop bikini tops and bottoms some for under a fiver!

There you have it - the perfect cossie for all nature of holidays. 
Whether your posing by the pool or paddling in the sea:
Look Great, Feel Great and have an Amazing Summer Holiday! 

Much Love

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Collection Summer Sizzler

I realise that I have been hideously negligent of my blog - but this event is why....

The Collection is a collaboration between and Edge Models. Both are companies striving to help new and emerging talent break into the fashion industry. The Collection showcases some of the UK's best undiscovered talent using beautiful new model faces.

The Collection also aims to offer the fashion industry a networking opportunity within the relaxed atmosphere of some of London's top night clubs.

The clientele ranges through press, photographers, fashion buyers, model scouts, aspiring models and even a celebrity or two. New and emerging pop band ‘androgynous’ rocked up to the event in true diva style and took to the stage, entertaining the VIP’s with fabulous dance moves during the interval. provides a one-stop help and support service for up-and-coming designer talent combined with Fashion Enter's network of retailers, manufacturers and educational services.

Edge Models is a platform agency for new faces offering many their first modelling jobs. Edge runs training workshops on a monthly basis with catwalk professionals to give all models well rounded support and help.

FashionCapital and Edge Models would like to thank event sponsors :

Redken - Providing hair styling and goodie bags!

Wink Ball – A team of video reporters taking interviews from models, designers, organizers and guests. The video wall is available here:

Daniel Vaudd – Samples of the new unreleased fragrance was in the evenings lavish goodie bags.

The Collection Summer Sizzler was choreographed by Rueben Joseph.
Make up was designed and executed by :  Clare Smith

The Collection Summer Sizzler is organised by Jemima Daisy @ FashionCapital & Michaela Harewood @ EdgeModels

Designers Showcased

Paolita Swimwear

Stunning feminine swimwear, made to flatter and enhance the female form at her most exposed! This brand are exploding into British Summer Fashion with their quirky yet classic beachwear. Paolita bounced onto the catwalk with sassy, girly choreography providing a great uplifting opening to show. Paolita swimwear is available to purchase throughout London and their new boutique is open at 2 Seymour Place, London
Music : The Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John

Quadrigae Zeus

Alternative men's underwear and swim creations made from gorgeous high quality fabrics and embellished with Swarovski elements. With buffed, sexy men stalking down the runway to a harsh beat these tiny shorts were shown off in all their glory!
Music : I love my sex by Benny Bennassi

Bollywood Couture 

An elegant collection of Kaftans mixing East with the West to produce luxurious combinations of Eastern embroidery and western couture. These gorgeous spangling outfits are perfect for the summer with stunning embellishment and the oppurtunitiy to dress the garments up or down. The music for this collection was provided exclusively by Marky Thirst of The Thirst – an up and coming new London music act!
Music : Damn Girl by The Thirst – Previously unreleased!

COCAINE Couture By Bad London

Edgy Fashion Brands that convey positive awareness! Bad London aims to raise awareness and offer help, advice and education in prevention of sexual transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, antisocial behaviours and the dangers of illegal substances.  This collection rocked up the show with black lips, dark music and a well known AC/DC beat! The models worked the runway, strutting, air guitaring and giving the cameras attitude. The garments ranged from mens underwear to bikinis to sparkling embellished hats with slogans such as ‘Screw you’, ‘play it safe’ and ‘I am bad’.
Music: Back in Black by AC/DC

Zinfinity Jewellery

Creating stunning installations, body adornment and jewellery Zinfinity combines precious materials with day to day plastics for an industrial twist. VIP received a gift from this designer in their goodie bag – a cast brass cable tie tag on leather cord – this is a small taster of the gorgeous designs that Zinfinity creates using reclycling and everyday materials as inspiration. This collections choreography was inspired by a recent trip to Poland Fashion Week where the catwalk shows were slower and more theatrical with the models mostly naked walking slowly down the catwalk with their eyes closed. This showcased the jewellery fantastically and the eery, wailing music provided a perfect back drop for such avante gard creations. 
Music : Erased, over. Out. by Nine Inch Nails

Christina Bonn Lux Lingerie 

Recently graduated Christina creates stunning lingerie using incredibly luxurious materials such as Swarovski crystal, French laces, Italian silks and chiffon. Her underwear creations are stylish, classy and absolutely beautiful!
The models slinked their sexy way onto the catwalk making full use of Studio Valbonnes wrought iron railings, the music was slow and seductive and the underwear, hand made and gorgeous was showcased beautifully. The collection was made up of only six outfits, but that was all that was needed – fully showing the skill of the designer. Hand sewn crystals and silk shimmered under the catwalk lights and this left the show on a high.

For more information on any of these designers please contact:

Burlesque Act by Mimi Le Noire

Mimi Le Noire has many years of dancing experience which shows in her exotic performances. She performed two of her favourite burlesque acts. The first fitting rather nicely with the summer theme was a ‘Bathing Beauty’ strip tease – ending in Mimi strutting about the runway in tiny beaded underwear and tassels – pulses raced as her second performance reached its climax – dancing to ‘Big Spender’ Mimi showed off more of her incredible dancing skills and flexibility!
Want to book Mimi Le Noire? Contact :

Further press enquiries : / 0208 462 9620

Background information:

FashionCapital aims to provide a one-stop online support resource for all areas of the Clothing and Fashion industry. Established in 2001 FashionCapital has a wealth of expertise to provide all users a unique insight into the fashion industry. A dedicated team of experts are here to support you and your business at every stage of its development.
FashionCapital combined with Fashion Enter in September 2006 to ensure a full offer of complete business support is now available. Fashion Enter has a network of boutiques, the fashion event Profile, an agency Representing, PR Dispensary Service and allows members to have on going mentoring and business advice sessions. The amalgamation of the two businesses has provided one of the most powerful forces in fashion today.

Edge Models was established in 2007 and has been providing new faces with high end fashion castings, networking opportunities, training workshops and advice ever since. The agency also works widely with extras and performance artists (dancers, actors, musicians etc) and uses its event management teamed headed by Micheala Harewood to promote the wealth of talent it represents.
With past clients from high fashion to celebrity music videos Edge need provide no testimony to their excellent work helping new models – commercial, fashion and anything in-between.

Photo and video coverage
Photos from Ed Yo at Pimped Photos and Nick Reynolds Photography