Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Zuo Corp, Joanna Klimas &Ewa Zosieradzka

Zuo Corp
This show starts with the ringing of bells and the super conservative nun based show begins.
The collection is mainly made up of black knee length suit dresses worn with structured habit hoods. There was a splash of a salmon print and also lemon gold. The silhouettes were streamlined yet feminine despite the androgynous tailoring. 

The collection sadly lasted far too long and the constant bell ringing became jarring. At the end of the collection a model came out in a black catsuit waving a polish flag and skipping down the runway followed by the post office marching band. This raised a standing ovation from the crowd and rescued the samey show. The collection was functional and sellable but needed the spurt of energy at the end.

Joanna Klimas 
This collection opens with black wide leg crepe trousers that are gorgeous and teamed with an open leather jacket – very obviously a winter collection, however this changed as sheer fabrics were featured more and more. 

I loved the leather lampshade crop tops and dresses with leather lapels and piping.  The colours morphed from black to grey then through silver and gold to pop turquoise and white. Although the sheer maxis were gorgeous looking they seem very spring/summer. The ast piece was a white maxi complete with a slightly bridal train. 

Ewa Zosieradzka

Finally an upbeat performance show! Edging away from the dark performances that we saw in  the off schedule shows the models skipped and pirouetted down the run way wearing black with mustard yellow outerwear. This collection was very young and fresh with 50’s silhouettes and styled with school girl charm and glasses. Was good to see such a wintery collection whilst remaining so upbeat.

Jemima Daisy x

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  1. Nice blog! I was at Fashion Week too and my favorite was Agata Wróblewska and NENUKO.