Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Shooting with Girl Dave - Burnt out building, dirt and bunchies.

On Monday I took a little trip to another burnt out abandoned house to shoot a pink haired, pole dancing beauty with fantastic legs and a great attitude. The whole shoot only lasted 2 hours with 3 looks.

Look 1
Dirty Glamour :

Dorothy Perkins 80’s Vintage dress, Vintage rosary, ASOS & other jewelry with Carvella heels.

Look 2
Skiving Skool

Anne Summers corset bra, Corset Art underbust corset, Boohoo over skirt, vintage underskirt, ripped reworked tights, Carvella heels, Anne Summers bondage cuffs

Look 3

Anne Summers Corset Bra, Corset Art lightening Corset, Carvella shoes, ribbon ties

This was an afternoon of fun after breaking into an abandoned building, dodging anti climbing paint, lift shafts and broken glass.
Girl Dave (Laura) is a model signed to UGLY/RAGE
Thanks to Jimmy Stewart for showing us the way to the warehouse.

Much Love

Jemima Daisy x

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