Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Royal Wedding Best and Worst Dressed

While Kate Middletons dress stunned all the rest of the wedding party fell a little short. Although its rude to outshine the bride some of the attendees seemed to try very hard to look dreadful. 

Charlene Wittstock, fiancée of Prince Albert of Monaco looking painfully chic in an Akris coat and a gorgeous wide brimmed white hat. Hers is a wedding I'd love to see.
Verdict : Stunning

Miriam Clegg looked like a middle aged wannabe Dita Von Teese in a layered 40's throw back dress with strange fluffy black lace shoulders topped off with a black turban adorned with garish red flowers. Another slight problem with this outfit was the VPL. I can see what she was aiming for but it was just too much.
Verdict : Gross.

Victoria Beckham had to make a fashion statement but may have gone the wrong way about it. I know its 'well stylish' to wear hats on the front of your face but it looks ridiculous. Philip Treacey is obviously a genius but it didnt look great. The shift dress from her own collection was a little too plain and didn't flatter her gorgeous pregnant figure but we have to accept that her Louboutin heels were a feat of genius. David Beckham how ever looked gorgeous as ever.
Verdict : Totally average

Lady Sophie Frederick Windsor wowwed in chic navy Armani Prive topped with an ever popular Phillip Treacey hat - worn properly on the top of her head. Her gorgeous jacket had slightly oriental influences straight from the catwalk.
Verdict : Stunning

Carole Middleton also managed to look incredibly chic in baby blue Catherine Walker, showing up the Duchess of Cornwall in an Anna Valentine creation. The over coat had a hip detail that added far too much weight to her hips and shortened her overall appearance.
Verdict :
Carole Middleton :Chic
Camilla :Good try...

Princess Beatrice of York wore a beautiful Valentino couture ensemble that was very on trend and scored points with the fashion crowd. Sadly her ridiculous hat ruined the look for me...
Verdict : Off with her head

Princess Eugenie's Vivenne Westwood dress failed to please how ever with overly fussy oriental ties, a big swooshy skirt and an even bigger feathered hat. Her shoes were nice though...
Verdict : Gross

Chelsea Davies, Harry's on/off girlfriend went for a turquoise Alberta Ferretti suit that was shorter and tighter than anyone elses outfit but had a gorgeous neckline. Her Victoria Grant hat was small, flat and totally underwhelming. She managed to look more Essex than Marriage Material - probably a good thing as Harry was chatting up Phillipa Middleton throughout.
Verdict : Tacky

Letizia, Princess of Asturias (part of Spain...?) looked stunning in understated nude lace going for the less is more approach and blending into the aristotic wedding crew perfectly.
Verdict : Stunning

Sally Berco some how must have missread the rules of demure dressing as she had both tits and thigh on show in this monochrome number. The harsh colour did nothing for her slightly aging self...
Verdict : Gross

The Queen arrived in sunny side up yellow by Angela Kelly - the sunray neckline was perfect for such a happy event and the queen looked regal as ever. She also wore Queen Mary's True Lovers Knot broach. Anyone spot her blanket in the car? Bless her ♥
Verdict : Lovely

Justine Thornton went for a dress 2 sizes too big, a floppy hellicopter hat and a missmatched velvet jacket. Making a political statement on behalf of her Labour Fiancee? Maybe but I have no idea what it is.
Verdict : Totally average

Another political Missus was Samantha Cameron - as gorgeous and flattering as her Burberry dress was she really needed a hat to break up all that colour. Her jewellry clashed with her sparkly hair clip and as the BFC spokeswoman she should have known better!
Verdict : Totally average.

Princess Anne managed to look like a spring vegetable garden. Overall there wasnt really anything WRONG with the outfit... it just didn't look right either. The silohuette was fitting enough and flattered but the garish pattern was slightly offensive.
Verdict : Totally Average

Tara Palmer Tompkinson... what the hell was she thinking? Her bright blue dress, blue gloves, blue hat, blue shoes and blue bag were just too matchy matchy. Her weirdly place hat did nothing to disguise her half concave nose either... plus all that blue will surely show up the coke she's spills down her self at the reception. Some one please force feed this woman.
Verdict : Hideous

There was a mix of the good, the bad and the dreadful but in all seriousness the wedding was beautiful as was the blushing bride.

Much Love

Jemima Daisy x

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