Thursday, 5 May 2011

My first evening in Lodz

Well.... tonight I partied. I’m a little bit tipsy as I type but while I remember my entire evening I thought it was worth blogging about.
First off all we went to the Fashion Philosophy Poland Fashion Week (#FFWP on twitter) gala show. The speech was all in Polish with a French translation that was well handy for the ‘I only speak English’ me. There was lots of clapping and official people standing up. After this malarkey the menswear show commenced – around 10 designers – some great… some shite. Will blog with pics tomorrow when the nice press lady send me the FTP details … I took my handy fit in my clutch cam not my ‘I’m actually a professional photographer on the weekends cam.

Also… on front row I managed to sit next to Diane Pernet. Fashion Blogger a-list. As soon as she sat down the cameras swamped her and I tried to make awkward conversation. Shut up Jemima : You have nothing of interest to say to this woman. Fail.

Thats me looking shit in the corner...

The main show began. ‘On Aura Tout Vu’ was a womenswear designer with much to offer Lady Gaga, lace, leotards and a crazy wedding march gown that was pretty much underwear + crystals + a full body veil. Basically the show was great and you’ll see the pics and hear my full bitchiness tomorrow.

After this we headed to the banquet. Banquet… it was a meat only buffet (as far as I could see) with not enough wine and plenty of rich important people… all speaking a language I didn’t understand. My lovely girl guide was apparently not allowed in so I made friends with some journos from Berlin and Amsterdam.

We bored of this civilised company and Marta took us to after party number one in an underground (but up some stairs) club whose name I can’t pronounce. Ma... some thing. This was where all the fashion students hung out. It was a good old’ shin dig where we all danced like loonies and where I met Fiona. A beautiful Model turned journo writing for a Portuguese paper/mag. Shes stunning honestly. She heard my English accent and it turns out she’s from Durham! Waheyyy!
Evelyn, Fiona, Me

After this we headed to Gossip. We flashed our press passes and bypassed the queues. It was such a sweet victory… I know what those queues feel like! Partied lots, drank mint vodka and cocktails and eventually headed back to the hotel.

What an evening.


I have to give my girl guide credit. Marta stayed and partied all night, drinking moderately, hanging out with press and sorting us all taxis at the end of the night. Marta – You are a Diamond!
Much Love

Jemima Daisy

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