Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Monnari, Lukaz Jeminol & Bohoboco

Monnari is a large highstreet brand in Poland similar to the Hexeline show the day before. 
This collection opens with the face of the brand, an older lady with a slightly curvy physique, she is a Polish TV star and looks good on the catwalk but looks better in the highstreet campaign...

This collection used some stunning feather based prints in deep jewel colours as well as pinstripes, tassels and layers of girly ruffles. 
The prints were slightly psychedelic and made for interesting viewing.  This then turned to very wearable creams, jewel blues, greens and purples.
Fur features in outwear that is fastened with doubled belts as were chunky knit cardigans and shorted cropped jackets. The show finishes with metallic bronzes and gold with full feminine skirts in line with the curvy friendly silhouettes. 

Lukaz Jeminol

Sitting down in this show I realize I have sat in front of the dry ice machine… the catwalk has been prepared with metal piping and industrial leftovers. 

The collection begins with light dresses in muted bronze accessorized with grey. Beautiful draping graced the catwalk with splashes of block colour. Shift dresses were simple and stopped around the knee. Outwear was functional and featured exposed zips and had a grunge edge. There were a few mini-capes that zipped up the throat and dropped to the chest.

The menswear also featured the draping like the women’s wear in grey, cream and navy. 

The models stayed on the runway after showing and created a frozen tableau in the space. The show received a great reaction and was overall an impressive collection.  

 Bohoboco is another collection featuring beautiful maxi dresses but this time made from soft wool. The dresses have wide sleeves, shorter fronts and are layered over satin shirts. 

Dresses with high collars are layered with the knitwear as well as muted outerwear. Stunning grey rough knit is draped in beautiful cowl neck maxi dresses. 
Tasseling is used to create layered fluid tops and mixed with sheer white tops and a touch of velvet. 

So much of the collection featured maxi lines including gorgeous high waisted skirts and coats. 
The collection balances smart work wear and more casual clothing as well.

Jemima Daisy x

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