Saturday, 7 May 2011

Michal Szulc - Cat-crawl show

Watching this show was like a trip to a mental hospital – the most long drawn out, boring trip you have ever taken.
The collection its self wasn’t bad but the models took tiny steps up the runway in low heels or flats with their hair styled over their eyes and faces.
The collection was mainly gray and black except for a section of hideous jewel florals.
As you can tell – I was not a fan so I’m going to get this out the way as quick as possible.
Starting with gray mid maxi with wet look shoulder panels, exposed, frayed seams and weird layering (bustier over long t-shirt), striped cotton that looked like school dresses, wet look stone gray with a mottled pattern in skirts and tees that hung away from the body.
The print was blue, black and green roses in what looked like corduroy, this was nice in a two piece but in an oversized shift it swamped the model and was garish. Fur featured in long coats that hung from the models and again enlarged the silhouette but did nothing to flatter.
I really like the theory of the show with the slow hypnotic walking but the problem was it didn’t work at all and you could feel the audience getting restless and bored – there were 3 men on the second row reading their newspapers while the show continued… never a claim to fame.

Now it’s time for pizza!
Jemima Daisy x

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