Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Met Ball 2011 NYC - Fashion Finds and Fails

The 'Met Ball', fashion's equivalent of the Oscars marked the opening of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition. What seemed like the whole of the A-list came out for this pretigious event.

 Oh my gosh! It's my knight in shining armour! Oh wait... Its just Alexa Chung in sequined Christopher Kane. Worse luck.
This dress was a little bit too much and a little too short for the red carpet. Usually a fan of the Alexa style but this just wasn't her usual standard.
Verdict : Gross

 Alicia Keys' brown gown and matching croc jacket was just a fashion fail and looked scummy amidst the spangle of stars.
Verdict : Gross
 Ashley Greene looked beautifully ethereal in this Donna Karen nude number. The sparkling embellishment helped to flatter her gorgeous figure and break up the mass of fabric.
Verdict : Stunning

 Ashley Olsen went for a tudor like vintage dior dress that looked very chic - the over the top sleeves were dressed down with tight fitting jet black. This sophisticated wench look suprisingly worked!
Verdict : Saucy/Stunning
 Beyonce looked like she had been shoe horned into this impossibly tight fishtail gown. There was nothing about the gold embellishement, cut out neck line or fluffy net fishtail that I liked.
Verdict : Hideous
 Blake Lively's Chanel dress had an element of the Grecian about it but was reminiscent of pool side chic rather than red carpet wow. Also... this underwear/outerwear trend needs to end - NOW.
Verdict : Totally Average
 Christina Hendricks chose to wear Carolina Herrera and the brown gown managed to work - just. Her understated styling helped to bring this back from being a potential fashion fail.
Verdict : Nice
 Christina Ricci has gone over to the darkside. Her gothic gown was just too much - cut outs, sheer fabrics and cobwebs patterns with that scary Victorian neckline gave her the look of a slutty Tim Burton creation.
I loved the big skirt though - just needed to loose all that cut out all that pannelling.
Verdict : Gross

 Colin Firth looked dashing as always with his wife Livia who wore a shapelss Stella Mcartney gold gown. This lack of detail sadly swamped her tiny frame.
Verdict : Fail
 Dakota Fanning looked as pretty as a picture in Valentino with understated hair and make up so as not to detract from the large amount of dress detail.
Verdict : Gorgeous.

 Daphne Guinness wore a black swan wannabe number by McQueen - in fariness she pulled off the look spectacularly but this huge structured, feathered number is more catwalk than red carpet.
Verdict : Insane
 Diane Kruger looked absolutely stunning in Jason Wu - the chic mix of a skirt and embellished shirt worked perfectly. Many split leg gowns were spotted and this is a favourite.
Verdict : Stunning.

 Emma Stone rocked up in what looked like a mixture of highstreet prints and curtains. The large print was overpowering and her hair looked a mess.
Verdict : Totally average.

 Eva Mendes was another celeb to spot Stella McCartney and this one shouldered pleated dress was gorgeous. The casual brown belt broke up the colour and emphasized her sexy curves.
Verdict : Gorgeous
 Fergie looked like she was late for her wedding in this ivory, lacy, floor sweeping gown. The weird tiara head piece didn't help the runaway bride look.
Verdict : Its not your wedding love.
 Freida Pinto's understated look did not work out well at all. The chic silk number swamped her petite figure and gave her the look of a little girl dressing up in grown ups clothes, shirt tails dragging along the floor.
Verdict : Hideous

 Gwyneth Paltrows gold spangly gown was red carpet perfect, smoothly hanging from her petite frame with a cheeky side split showing off those gorgeous legs.
Verdict : Stunning
 Hailee Steinfield's golden short/long dress was perfectly on trend and flattered the youngster - the full skirt keeping the demure top youthful and fun.
Verdict : Gorgeous
 Hayley Atwell - Orange with tan panels - really hasn't worked has it?
Verdict : HIDEOUS
 Isabel Lucas' outfit was gorgeous and styled beautifully but it was her skeletal frame that captured my attention. Some one stuff a cream bun down her throat before she passes out. This dress how ever looked great, but let's face it she's thin enough to look amazing in a bin bag.
Verdict : Scary but stunning

 Jennifer Hudson's dress made her look like a prom princess rather than a red carpet queen.The bandaged style bustier was also so outdated.
 Pregnant Jessica Alba looked fabulous in sweeping gold.
Verdict : Radiant
 J Lo looked fierce in red. Looking good at 44 is impressive but the blood red lips were very harsh and the applique, flowery bolero next to the raunchy cut outs were verging on a fiery fail.
Verdict : Gorgeous (but close...)
 Kirsten Dunst is usually very well dressed but this too casual, shapeless, table cloth dress and flat hair did nothing for me.
Verdict : Totally average
 Kristen Stewart was late for the event as she took a detour through the ninetys hence this god awful dress.
Verdict : Hideous
 Liv Tyler's dress was made by covering her self in glue and rolling in shredded paper. Not a fan.
Verdict : Gross

 Madonna looked great(from the front) in gun metal gray with patriotic star embellishment details - she's still got it but thankfully she's not showing it off here! Sadly she ruined this look by having stars embroidered ALL OVER the back of this dress.
Verdict : Hideous

 Usually a fan of all things Gyllenhall I cant get excited about this get up. The dress needs a little bit of spicing up with accessories or just a touch more make up. Her scraped back hair doesn't help the boring look.
Verdict : Dull
 Mary Kte Olsen has a new career apparently - she's a hippy, fortune teller. 
Verdict : Hideous
 Renee Zellweger looked her usual gorgeous self in chic off white with a touch of embellishment. Good show.
Verdict : Gorgeous
 Salma Hayeks dress verged on swamping her curvy frame and needed something to break up the swathes of nude fabric.
Verdict : Dull

 Sarah Jessica Parker's crystal studded gown was fabulously sparkly and yet somehow remained understated.
Verdict : Gorgeous.
 Serena Williams - what the hell were you thinking?
 Stella McCartney wore one of her own creations. Should have gone shopping instead this 'innovative' number looks like she was taught how to make it with toilet rolls on Blue Peter - or straight off a GCSE catwalk show.
Verdict : Insane.
 The skirt of Taylor Swifts dress didnt seem to bear any relation to the top of it? She still looked stunning but this dress looked like it clashed with its self.With lace lining the bodice the skirt oddly featured chiffon panelled layers.
Verdict : Strange 
 Thandie Newton's underwear/outerwear dress was a bit of a fail as the raunchy lace under skirt just looked slutty and there was no amount of fabric to hide that.
Verdict : Tarty

Other mild fails...

Anna Wintour - Surprisingly went technicolour dreamcoat.

 Rihanna's dress looked like it was trying to escape her with the cut out side. Not impressed love.
 Naomi Campbell's toilet roll couture McQueen gown was really just vile. 

 Miranda Kerr looking like a ballerina.
 Lucy Lui also went for the Black Swan look and was a total fashion fail.

Janelle Monae - I swear I've seen this outfit before? Burtons? The Circus? Hmm...

Much Love

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