Thursday, 5 May 2011

Landing in Lodz, Poland

I have just landed in Lodz, Poland.
Flying low over the city its crazy to see how new all the buildings look. The houses and apartments look like they were all built in the late 90's and naughties. The buildings are built quite sparsely with enough room for trees and plenty of gardens. I guess this is the suburbs but with so many 20 storey apartment blocks its hard to tell.

The airport is tiny, the runway surrounded by a metal fence where people wait and watch the travellers disembark. Getting through customs took a matter of minutes and baggage reclaim was even quicker. Ok, so its one building with a tiny 'Replay!' shop but it was just so easy and stress free!

At the airport I was greeted by my guide Marta and a chauffeur driven black Jag that took me to my business class hotel - Qubus.
Marta seems like a lovely girl and her English is near perfect although she is very modest about it. I was taught one word of polish before I arrived here that means either 'whore' or 'shit'. Not one to start conversations with....

We are driven through the city centre which to me looks a lot like Croydon (mainly because of the maze of tram lines). Its not incredibly built up or busy but here and there I can see the older buildings... dirtier buildings with flaking plaster but all still in use. The older more ornate buildings are much like alot of the gorgeous european villiage buildings.

My (smoking! yay!) hotel room is funtional and modern with dark wood floors and big plate glass windows. Simple, spotless and stylish!

Tonight is the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland Gala - a fashion show and party... we all know how much I like a party.
Left to right : Polish Cigarettes with a polish health warning, weird looking receipt, itinerary, international media pass (very fetching lime green...)

Tomorrow the shows begin at midday with younger, less known designers starting the proceedings (my favourite!) and the more established designers shown in the evenings. Each day as around 3 after parties on my itinerary.... spoiled for choice!

I have an hour or so to unpack, eat, find a travel adaptor and put my glad rags on before the event officially begins.
Bring. It. On.

Jemima Daisy x

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