Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wonderland make over - Chav to Riches

Wonderland magazine have gone all out for April fools day haven’t they? (Seriously guys its only meant to last a day not an entire issue...)

Wonderland magazine, known for impeccable styling and its finger firmly on the underground fashion pulse has this month taken two of the medias trashiest new stars and transformed them for a glossy feature.

If you like ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ you are gonna love this. 

Firstly the wannabe Jordan, The Only Way is Essex Star – Amy Childs.   She is known for her surgically enhanced mazumas, plumped lips, endearingly thick comments and mahogany perma-tan. 
In this months edition of Wonderland Magazine she is seen paled down in a sophisticated pencil dress, her hair piled under an oversized crown. She also wears an artistically draped red Westwood gown with roses styled into her Marie Antoinette powdered barnet.  

 Although these pictures are very well put together Amy is not a high fashion model – you can take the girl out of Essex but you cannot take Essex out of Amy – or silicon.  There is nothing couture about her usual Lipsy/Forever Unique attire - But she much better suits it! 

Personally, I love The Only Way is Essex (finally) and I think Amy is a lovely character -so painfully dumb but very sweet with it - however she is far more suited to bikinis and glamour modelling than she ever will be in couture.

The second surprise ‘celeb’ appearance came in the form of Cher Lloyd. 

The X Factor finalist was slated for her whacky style and constant emotional episodes (she was only 17, bless her). 
Another chav out of context who, for this shoot, has ditched her horrible wannabe Cheryl Cole/drag act look and has been transformed into a slightly preppy, almost classy figure. 

Her hair now a fiery red is shorter and less matted. Of her hair she said : 'I wanted something that would sort of represent me, that’s fiery and outgoing. So I thought a bit of a red would do me good. I want to get my nose pierced too.' Are you sure that’s nothing to do with wanting to be Rihannah like every other girl your age…? In one images she wears a regal blue and opts for pearls over the usual menagerie of tack. 

With the Royal Wedding approaching we seem to have gone ‘monarch mad’ with union jacks in all the shops, documentaries on TV and now this rags to riches shoot in Wonderland. For me this is a glimpse of things to come – the uprising of the less advantaged chav population through social media and our thirst for hate figures.
Much Love
Jemima Daisy

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