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The Royal Wedding – Fashionably Tacky?

It’s fair enough that everyone’s getting just a bit excited over the Royal Wedding. In case you’ve spent the last 6 months on the moon : Prince Wills (come on we’ve all thought about how great it would be to be a princess) is marrying Kate Middleton – his long term sweetheart. There is undoubtedly a bio on their relationship but you’ve probably already seen this plastered all over the UK media.
The wedding has created a great niche market of Royal tack from Primark to Selfridges and below is the lowdown on tasteful monarch support to down right rubbish.

Official Royal Wedding Tack :

The £5 coin
These coins are released for all sorts of Royal events including the Queens jubilees – although they may never be on the Antiques Roadshow they are a nice little souvenir if you like that sort of thing....
This coin depicts the couple in a not so great likeness - poor Kate looks a little chubby.
“Fully approved by the Royal Household and the Government. This is the official UK coin, produced by the Royal Mint, to celebrate this historic event.”

French Sole – Wedding Pumps

These are obviously the shoe of choice once you’ve danced your feet off on the 29th. Or if your are a run away bride... can you think of more terrifying in-laws than Prince Charles and Camilla? The £150 pumps have been created especially for the special occasion and are surprisingly nice although a little on the ‘Juicy Couture’ track. They have also created a range of white, silver and ivory pumps for brides under the ‘wedding collection’ banner. Anything for a few more sales eh? Get yours here.

Rip off Engagement ring necklace have created a ‘Kate’ necklace of diamonds and sapphires for £255. This is based on Kates ‘iconic’ engagement ring and is great for any wannabe Princess Kate. A little pricey unless you are serious about your wedding obsession. Get yours here! The rest of the myflashtrash website does some really great non-wedding-related pieces that are definitely worth a look!

Lulu Guiness Best of British

Lulu Guiness has created a link just for the wedding called ‘Best Of British’. This includes a host of gorgeous clutch bags in the shape of taxis, stamps and of course emblazoned with the union jack! Get yours here

Cath Kidston - Housewives and Cheapskates

Cath Kidston has also cashed in on the hype with a range of princess style key rings, tote bags and even tea towels for the housewives among us. If Kate and Wills manage to get on the property ladder they will surely have a few of these in their kitchen. (Don’t be silly they are far too young to afford a mortgage... oh whats that? Granny and the taxpayers are paying? Surprise Surprise. ) Starting at £4 this is without a doubt a reasonable collection of tack. Get yours here.

Primark going upmarket (ish)
If you want some royal bargains head to your local Primark. They are currently selling union jack homewares including duvet covers (bought one for my boyfriend...), T-shirts emblazoned ‘Thanks for the Day Off!’ and a menagerie of patriotic flag colours accessories. We thought we’d ditched the nautical colour palette this summer but the Union Jack obsession has brought it right back! Sadly their stock turnover is so quick that finding PR images of such tack is nigh on impossible... watch this space!

The New Love Club at Selfridges

For a indie/alternative edge on the wedding head to Selfridges and take a look at the New Love Clubs wedding t-shirt featuring a hottie in just a t-shirt. Tack for the cool kids for on £25... good old student loans. Get yours here

The Franklin Mint – Childs Play

I couldn’t find a Kate blow up doll but the Franklin mint are producing replica dolls of Kate Middletons engagement dress and as soon as they find out what her wedding dress looks like that will be distributed too.
Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Doll is a beautiful and authentic replica of the future Princess, featuring hand-painted, life-like portrait sculpture, jewelry and a reproduction of the blue silk jersey dress that was worn to formally announce the engagement. She also features miniature replicas of the jewelry the soon-to-be princess donned, including the necklace, earrings, and engagement ring, all outfitted with simulated sapphires, diamonds, and other jewels.
Only 5000 of these slightly creepy dolls are being made (thank god) but if you like your toys then for JUST $490 Get yours here...

More for the Kids
The Early Learning Centre has released a wedding set for kiddies to play with too... There’s not much to say here although I am tempted to get a set and put them into odd un-regal positions but I imagine thats not what these toys were intended for. Get these no small parts toys here.

Your M&S Ma’am

Preparing for the wedding Marks and Sparks have gone all out with napkins, paper plates, cushions, rings and all sorts of other rubbish. Some of the pieces are quite tasteful but unless your kitchen theme is already ‘the queen’ its a bit pointless. Hopefully Kate and Wills will be decking their starter home out in this kitchenware along with the Cath Kidston towels. Get yours here 

Tu at Sainsburys going all posh and ‘propa’

Sainsburys are releasing a line of wedding themed items too including a Kate Style dress, kids prince and princess costumes and the obligatory cups plates and mugs. There are also a few t-shirts and a tote bags that’s actually pretty decent. Get yours in store now.

Get the street party started!

The ‘official’ Kate and Wills site was launched within minutes of the engagement being announced and is now selling extortionate street party sets – so if you want to sip tea and socialise with neighbours you don’t like whilst holding up traffic get yours street party kit now! The Small Street Party Pack contains: 50 x Union Hand Wavers, 2 x Union Flags 3x2 feet, 1 x Union Flag 5x3 feet, 1 x 100m Union Bunting, 1x 20 Balloons,1 x Royal Wedding Commemorative Flag 5x3 feet and is ONLY £82.80. Bargain – get yours here.

More tack coming soon...
Trying to avoid the widely publicised official china we will be bringing you more updates on royal wedding rubbish! The good, the bad and the ugly. Watch this space fine sirs!

Much Love
Jemima Daisy - Royal Sceptic

Also worth a mention...

Tacky royal wedding souvenir mug has just one flaw.. it shows wrong prince

royal wedding mug with prince harry

Royal wedding mug features Kate Middleton and... Prince Harry

Full article here 

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