Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Making a girl feel good...

Have you ever been paid a compliment by a total stranger and found that its brightened your day more than the same compliment from a friend, family member or even your spouse?

According to a new study by Lakeside Shopping Centre, almost half of women have been paid a compliment from a stranger when trying something on in a changing room. And of those, 44 per cent said they went on to buy the item of clothing as they were so flattered by the strangers’ comments.

In the study it was also found that a third of women prefer to go shopping with their brutally honest, critical mothers over complementary friends. 75% of women said their mothers always give them an honest opinion, good or bad. As well as feeling that their mothers were their best critics 16% of women felt their mothers were the only opinion they could trust as they weren’t in any competition with them.
Doesn’t it seem strange then that almost half of the women complemented by strangers go on to buy the item?
“We all like to get a second opinion when it comes to shopping and definitely need to have someone that we trust. It’s interesting the so many women believe the opinion of a stranger over a friend, but perhaps it’s because there is no ulterior motive.”

Over a quarter of the girls polled said they don’t like to go shopping with friends as they believe their mates tell them clothes look flattering when they don’t! An insincere one in twenty girls have told friends that they look great in something when they looked awful – purely because they didn’t want them to look better than them. Even best friends don’t seem to tell the truth, with eight per cent telling their ‘best’ friend that they looked bad, when in fact they looked great!

So what does this study tell us? We all need good friends and our mothers for a second opinion but at the end of the day we should trust our own judgement with both friends and clothes and if a random stranger says you look great, you probably do.
Keep this in mind as we head out to buy our spring summer wardrobes – and if you have nothing better to do, go and loiter in the changing rooms at Topshop and tell a stranger she looks great!

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