Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Coachella Style!

Coachella festival is really the only place to be in the US at summer... Kicking off festival season for the rest of us (usually still stuck in office jobs and kagools) this sets the standard for summer style!

Dita Von Teese looking a little batty but effortlessly chic in Dolce & Gabanna print. The wide sleeves and wrap around style have a hint of the orient that we have seen on the catwalk so much recently. The kooky sailor girl hat reminds us how we love her and her vintage style. Vintage burlesque will still be a hit this summer so look out for bold prints, polka dots, lowered hemlines and vintage bargains!
Verdict : Gorgeous!

Kate Bosworth and Ke$ha spotted wearing matching outfits – obviously very trendy the ol’ stars and stripes this summer. While Kate keeps it girly and cute, Ke$ha opts for a dirtier look... grimey, torn and slightly slutty. Due to the royal wedding we can sport our flag more than ever before in the UK and while the nautical colours are still in we will be going all out patriotic this summer.
Verdict : 
Bosworth : Gorgeous!
Ke$ha : Leg OR tits love...

Kanye West wore an Aztec print Celine shirt on stage to perform – with as much bling as possible. It wouldn’t be summer without a sweaty mass of warm metal around your neck would it?
Verdict : Totally average.

The Mulberry BBQ is a star studded event kicking off the festival where Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborne were spotted. Alexa's embellished tea dress looked vintage and chic while her blue pop nail varnish brought the look forward to the current colour pop trends. Nicole Richie went for denim cut offs (summer must have!) with a bold animal-geometric print, her messy bed head look (that probably took hours) is perfect for a season of partying, windy beaches and sleeping in tents! Kelly Osborne opted for a demure vintage style polka dress with a lovely full skirt, great for sitting on rugs comfortably and a wide brimmed hat keeping her pale skin from burning. The pink lipstick just another example of colour popping this summer.
Verdict :
Chung: Gorgeous
Richie : Stunning
Osborne : Love it!

Diane Kruger kept the maxi trend chic yet casual, teaming it with an understated tank top. Great to hide 5 day festival stubbly legs, sunburn and bruises from crowd surfing!
Verdict : Stunning

Rihanna looked old school cool in camo and cut offs - staying ‘edgy’ with a gun pendant necklace. This look screams ghetto chic – you will doubtless be seeing camo and cut offs on most fiery red heads this summer!
Verdict : Great for warfare and the jungle - totally average for festivals

Taryn Cox’s gorgeous denim mini was shrouded in ‘not taking any risks’ attire. Sunglasses, sunhat... Sunbrella? Going back to the Victorian lace umbrellas to reserve porcelain skin a sunbrella could be a perfect choice this season... but you have to hold this one with conviction or you will just look ridiculous.
Verdict : Gorgeous... but the Sunbrella is insane.

Katy Perry and Vanessa Hudgens both had.... questionable outfits on this season. With Hudgens wearing a hideous ensemble of grandma crochet and highwasted shorts. The trendy look is inthe right direction but the shorts making her hips look so wide and the granny halter making her boobs look so low... wasn’t a great mix. Sorry – take a trip back to style school!
Katy Perry reknowned for her crazy wardrobe must have raided the wrong tent looking for hour outfit de jour wearing a shroud like lace tiered maxi that sadly covered up her gorgeous figure. The hair and old school glasses how ever were bang on and this demure change is allowed as she is generally a style queen...

Verdict : 
Perry : Totally average
Hudgens : Gross

Festival must haves:

Denim cuts offs
 Short Shorts - Asos Reclaimed - £25

Playsuit – denim or floral
Denim Playsuit - Internacionale £21.99

Polka dress

Tiered Polka Dress - - £30

Fringed Waist Coat
 Waistcoat - Monsoon - £60

Maxi dress or skirt
Simple Maxi Skirt - French Connection - £67
 Maxi Shirt Dress - Matalan - £20

Crochet anything
Lipsy Crochet Crop Top - £See web
Less revealing crochet - Marks and Spencer - £39.50

Floppy Hat - Primark - £5 
(The dress is also pretty gorgeous)

Huge Sunnies
 Ray-Ban Clubmaster - Classic and cool - Circa £80

House of Harlow 1960 glasses - Circa £90

And if that wont get you though the festival season... Nothing will!

Much Love

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