Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring Summer Shopping List - 70's Style

Ok, so this recent balmy weather is warning me that summer
is on its way and ALL of my summer clothes are in storage as I thought I’d have
a new place by now!  So it’s about time
to check in with the trends and make a shopping list. Then sell off half my
winter wardrobe on eBay to finance the spree – don’t worry a link will follow
to all of my listings which I intend to shoot professionally so I actually make
some sales! I have to tidy my room first though.... fml.
Starting from the top:

Betty Jackson SS11

Trends this season are heading 70’s and by with the 40’s and 50’s will be rock and rolling into play so for the summer we’re going to need lush waves and soft, well conditioned hair – this season is an end to over straightened air and the start of natural voluminous waves. You can still use straighteners to get this wavy effect but make sure you build volume from the roots with gentle backcombing and spritz with re-shapeable hairspray – nothing worse that rock hard hair. My favourite combo would have to be GHD’s (the limited edition gold are gorgeous!) and ‘Re-Shaper’ hairspray from Sebastian Professional. It’s pricey but so worth it!
I am personally loving the 70’s vintage look! I think that this is easier to rock that perhaps the 60’s that features the shift mini dresses, bottom scraping and cellulite exposing. The 70’s playsuit is body
squeezing and can result in the dreaded ‘camel toe’ but as long as you get the right fit then you can work the beiges, khakis and rusty oranges.
Keep it casual in wide leg trousers – don’t be afraid of prints! If you remember the wallpaper of the 70’s you will remember that no one was afraid of pattern!

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Oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses are classic and pretty timeless so make sure you accessorise with a pair of these. If you get a pair of sunglasses that are classic, and suit you perfectly then you can wear them year in, year out regardless of the trends.
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Maxi Dresses are going to stay in this summer as they are flattering to so many. I personally can only wear dark patterned maxi dresses such as below as I have lumps and bumps that block colour maxis like to mercilessly expose.
Hats are a must have for the 70’s look – go big and floppy
for that summer chic look – and to avoid skin cancer/sun burn of course.

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If you aren’t afraid of making a statement get a load of this
highly detailed shower cap-esque headwear!
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Absolutely loving belted, knee length, button down dresses.
With a tiny weeny skinny belt this is going to be a hot look! I found my best 70’s dresses so far in a vintage shop in Paris.
Chunky wooden strappy sandals are the way to go!

Well, I have well and truly exhausted my bank account by just looking at these bad boys - enjoy!
Much Love
Jemima Daisy

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