Monday, 14 March 2011

Silent Descent Video Shoot

On the 5th and 6th of March a very unwise friend of the trance metal septet opened his house to metallers and video crew for a, frankly, epic shoot.
Heroic house owner - Fox Canfield - Owner of Kent Tattoos

These 3 pics are by a guy called James Jimmy Stuart

Day one was the day for actors and extras, sexy goths from all over the country came down to have their part in a grimey party scene said to involve fights, gang bangs, impromptu romance and a lot of mess. I needless to say was no where near but pictures have been stuck up on the bands facebook and it looks pretty fun. The details are what makes it.. such as tampons stuck to the walls, sugar cut into lines on mirrors. Real classy.

On a hopefully very well supported roof

Worryingly close to an a-flame scaffold. That hair is FLAMMABLE

Day two was for the crowds, the band positioned on the roof and the 'alternative' party goers down below joined by pyrotechnics, lasers and a few firebreathers. (We'll come back to those...)
Being as it was freezing outside... drinking heavily was the only real option and I threw myself whole heatedly into this, pulling out my camera now and then to capture girls making out, men cuddling and a few lines of sugar being snorted for photographic effect.

After a fair few drinks I managed to get captured on a backstage camera talking about sex, drugs and rock & roll. Can't wait for that ATTRACTIVE release.

Don't worry authorities etc this is all fake and set props. Except the girl on girl - that was real.
Man hugs

The fire breathers created the most controversy that night how ever with one setting light to his beard and the other to her hair (she was rushed to hospital with 1st degree burns to her head but has since recovered.) It was not funny - no one at all, no matter how drunk thought this was at all funny... honestly...

Only the hardcore remained

The video itself is for Silent Descents new song 'Psychotic Euphoric' which in my opinion is a fucking fantastic song and I still believe this after dancing like a loon to it 10 times in a row.

The video is going to look incredible (although not very fashionable) and I can't wait to see it!

Check em out :

Although if you think the lead singer is sexy then you will have me to answer to.

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