Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Paris Day 4 - Devastee Catwalk show

The Devastee show is held on the second floor of the L’Oreal Professional Academy. The room is light and airy and the rows quickly fill up and we see a familiar face in the form of Hilary Alexander on the front row – early for this show!
The show begins promptly and the first outfit out is a high shine embossed kimono stlye over coat, baggy everywhere but at the waist. The second is a loose black jersey dress topped with the same fabric and after this a mature jacket and shorts. The following garments are gorgeous sophisticated jackets in houndstooth and black .The collection is entirely monochrome and the designer plays with varying levels of androgyny and shabby vs chic. Silhouettes are shapeless with knitted jumpers hanging away from the body and to the mid-thigh – this shabby-ness is continued in the black dirty eye makeup and messy greasy looking hair. The collection seems to channel traditional Parisian style, stripes, sunglasses and flat brogues. Prints vary from strange ink faces to distorted alphabet letters. The knitwear patterns are images from Paris itself with the Mona Lisa making an appearance as well as the skyline of the city. The chic look follows the shabby with short cropped jackets, black tailored trousers and sheer collarless blouses with black silk edging. Trousers are cropped boyishly above the ankle and shorts are short while skirts sit around the knee sometimes edging lower and higher. Maxi skirts are slightly cropped into a slightly more practical mid maxi in thin stripes and finally in a gorgeous holey grey jersey adding to the earlier deconstruction.
The favourite piece was an oversized grey wool over coat with big grey buttons that seemed to encompass all of the themes.
This collection was consistent and flowed gorgeously and was so wearable – looking forward to the monochrome trends next winter!!
Much Love
Jemima Daisy

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