Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Luis Buchinho

Arriving a little early for the show we get to see the show rehearsal and us early birds are shown to the front row which is always a little exciting. The show is due to begin at 16h30 but at 16h45 the rows are looking a little sparse, due most likely to a clashing show. At 16h50 the show begins.
The press release has a nautical anchor on the front and we expect the usual gold buttons, red stripes and peaked caps but the collection has gone dock side to the uniform of the fisherman – thick, rough wool and dark murky colours. Loose, draped knit is paired with clean modern lines with tailored skirts and tight trousers. Leather makes an appearance as well as shaggy white fur. Layering is a huge element with layers and flaps of fabric draped and piled onto the models frames. The outerwear is gorgeous, structured coats with genius folds and draping trimmed with gold zips rather than the expected piping cord. Worn with many of the looks were long bootleg wool trousers, skin tight and covering most of the foot. Wide strips of knit are folded and weaved together to create interesting double breasted jackets. This collection was consistent and flowed well, the looks styled impeccably. The only problem was the freezing Garage location! 

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