Thursday, 3 March 2011

Day 4 Overview - Paris Fashion Week

We began by heading the the Devastee show at 10 – from here we went all over an fitted an amazing amount into one short day!

 Posing with a phallic Symbol. Standard.

Firstly we headed to ‘Le Bon Marche’ – one of the most famous stores in Paris. The building is like a cathedral, old, beautiful and insanely quiet and tranquil once inside.  We had a wander round pretending that we could afford Westwood, Christopher Kane, Mary Katranzou and the usual suspects – Chloe, Balenciaga and Givenchy.   

We make it eventually to the second floor where the Dior Exhibition is being held until the end of March. It’s an overview of Dior since 1947 when the ‘New Look’ was launched. An interactive book goes through the years one by one with images from photoshoots, perfume campaigns and catwalk pictures. Its an interesting read and all I can say is that the 1980’s should be erased from fashion history.   

After a good hour in the exhibition we headed to ‘le Marais’ an area near the Pompidou famous for vintage stores and gay clubs. We had a good old rummage in the vintage store ‘Free’P’Star’ which had some great pieces at very low prices – so much cheaper than England. Another good vintage store just down the road is ‘Happy Hippy’ which is miles more expensive but a lot more civilized –the shop is bright and well merchandised so there isn’t too much rummaging and disturbing dust. This is be place to go when you have lots of money to spend and don’t want to be crammed into a dark dusty shop full of fashionable youths.

A short walk from here we found a lovely little Italian restaurant – there are cheap places to eat if you look hard enough and aren’t afraid to wander down the side streets!  Wine was also cheap here so I had half a bottle and ended up with a facefull of chocolate mousse. Very Fashion.
We nipped back to our hotel to dump our shop (combined we bought 3 jackets, 3 dresses, 3 shirts, 1 fur coat and a scarf) then Sannita and I headed out to Bastille where we met some charming English girls, found a very cheap bar where spirit measures don’t exist and the barman kept topping up my vodka and coke…. Until it was entirely vodka. Talking to many students we found out that the best way to get drunk on the cheap is to buy it from a shop and drink in the park or at home. Classy. There were no photos taken while we were out as we were far too busy having fun but when we got home and pigged out on crisps and crap we felt the insane need to whip the camera out.

What a day!
Much Love
Jemima Daisy

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