Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Amaya Arzuaga AW11

Paris was balmy this morning and heading to the show we didn’t mind getting lost in the warm streets of Paris! The show is held in a palacial building and the guestlist is strict – only those with hardcopy tickets are allowed in.
The show starts late as all shows do and begins with block colours, ribbed innovative structure and high strong necklines.  The colour palette begins with black and cream  - flashes of bright vibrant blue and orange are added throughout the show. The structures and silohuettes seem to be inspired by natural architecture with armadillo like back pieces and fanned pleated details. There are some incredible structured butterfly dresses, sheer but veined with black to create the natural shape. Materials used range from silk and wool to leather and PVC that make up loose hooded jackets and coats reminiscent of camping trips. The finale dresses are over length maxi dresses, tangling around the feet of the models and trailing out behind them on the catwalk. This collection was not at all wearable but still very on trend, consistent and beautiful to look at. 

Much Love
Jemima Daisy

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