Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jemima's Birthday List :)

Wishful thinking....
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I want a lovely car

Cross a Chihuahua with a Pug
and You get a gorgeous little Chug!
Circa £500 :)



Any thing 50's :)

So if anyone feels like treating me....

Much Love

Jemima Daisy x

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring Summer Shopping List - 70's Style

Ok, so this recent balmy weather is warning me that summer
is on its way and ALL of my summer clothes are in storage as I thought I’d have
a new place by now!  So it’s about time
to check in with the trends and make a shopping list. Then sell off half my
winter wardrobe on eBay to finance the spree – don’t worry a link will follow
to all of my listings which I intend to shoot professionally so I actually make
some sales! I have to tidy my room first though.... fml.
Starting from the top:

Betty Jackson SS11

Trends this season are heading 70’s and by with the 40’s and 50’s will be rock and rolling into play so for the summer we’re going to need lush waves and soft, well conditioned hair – this season is an end to over straightened air and the start of natural voluminous waves. You can still use straighteners to get this wavy effect but make sure you build volume from the roots with gentle backcombing and spritz with re-shapeable hairspray – nothing worse that rock hard hair. My favourite combo would have to be GHD’s (the limited edition gold are gorgeous!) and ‘Re-Shaper’ hairspray from Sebastian Professional. It’s pricey but so worth it!
I am personally loving the 70’s vintage look! I think that this is easier to rock that perhaps the 60’s that features the shift mini dresses, bottom scraping and cellulite exposing. The 70’s playsuit is body
squeezing and can result in the dreaded ‘camel toe’ but as long as you get the right fit then you can work the beiges, khakis and rusty oranges.
Keep it casual in wide leg trousers – don’t be afraid of prints! If you remember the wallpaper of the 70’s you will remember that no one was afraid of pattern!

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Oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses are classic and pretty timeless so make sure you accessorise with a pair of these. If you get a pair of sunglasses that are classic, and suit you perfectly then you can wear them year in, year out regardless of the trends.
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Maxi Dresses are going to stay in this summer as they are flattering to so many. I personally can only wear dark patterned maxi dresses such as below as I have lumps and bumps that block colour maxis like to mercilessly expose.
Hats are a must have for the 70’s look – go big and floppy
for that summer chic look – and to avoid skin cancer/sun burn of course.

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If you aren’t afraid of making a statement get a load of this
highly detailed shower cap-esque headwear!
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Absolutely loving belted, knee length, button down dresses.
With a tiny weeny skinny belt this is going to be a hot look! I found my best 70’s dresses so far in a vintage shop in Paris.
Chunky wooden strappy sandals are the way to go!

Well, I have well and truly exhausted my bank account by just looking at these bad boys - enjoy!
Much Love
Jemima Daisy

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Boom in Bust Cream - ‘Bra in a Jar’ sales soar

Debenhams report:

Women are worrying about the appearance of their necks and busts as much as their faces, causing a boom in ‘bra in a jar’ products, says the Debenhams Beauty Hall.

Products designed to minimise turkey necks and smooth crepey cleavage are up 265 per cent on last year, so that the sector is now one of the fastest growing in the beauty industry.

Women, conscious of the ‘Madonna effect’ - age-defying face yet age-indicating neck and décolletage - are turning to dedicated creams to turn back the years and achieve the full, glowing cleavage continuing to make a comeback on red carpets and high streets alike.

Celebrities such as “the sexiest woman in the world”* Christina Hendricks (age 36 years), Nigella Lawson (51), Jane Seymour (60), and Raquel Welch (70) have shown age is no barrier to a fantastic décolletage and with summer on the way, British women are preparing for bikini season with gusto.

Sara Stern, Director of Beauty at Debenhams says, “However much you take care of your face, ignoring the décolletage and neck area will betray your age in a second.

“Motherhood, too much sun, lack of moisturiser and use of perfume on the area can damage the thin, fragile skin and wrinkles and sun spots will all be evident.

“We’ve already seen a boost in sales of cleavage-enhancing bras and now our Beauty Hall is following suit. The popularity of the hourglass figure shows no signs of slowing and women are keen to turn back the clock with a plump bust”.

Bust make-up has also experienced a rise in sales with women masking any imperfections with fake tan (up 28 per cent) and using bronzer (up 7 per cent) to shade in the illusion of the ideal cleavage, a long established tool used by make-up artists.

Stern adds, ”A high SPF suncream should be an everyday staple for any women concerned about her skin. Bust specific toning and firming creams go one step further to improve the area and combined with a well-fitting bra will maintain your assets”.

“Also take a tip from the ever-stunning Elizabeth Taylor. Swirl your bronzer around your cleavage and wear strings of pearls or costume jewellery to cast a flattering light and distract the eye”.

The Mirror DIY boob boosters
The cheat bra
Ultimo’s clever Day- Night Plunge Bra can increase your assets by up to two cup sizes. Wear the basic bra for work then boost your bust at night by adding the silicone pouches, £24 from
The boob-job bikini
A gel bikini offers a natural-looking way to boost cup size and create cleavage. Discreet liquid-filled pads are sewn inside the bikini cups to give a “real breast” look. Try: Sailor Girl Gel Bikini Set, £55 from
The lunchtime lift
Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are reported to be fans of Ultratone Bust Lift, a salon treatment that uses electrical pulses to tone muscles and give the effect of a natural boob lift. Visit
Wonderbra in a jar
Bust-firming creams won’t increase your cup size but they can plump up the skin. Try best-selling Mama Mio’s Boob Tube, £26,

Spring Summer Pastel Nails

With the summer catwalks featuring pastel pops and bright feminine colours there is no better way to be trendy tip to toe with the gorgeous new range of summer nail colours from miners.

The pastels are vibrant without being ‘too much’ and can add a girly touch to any outfit. 

To keep your look bright and snazzy use Coral Cutie – although it sounds sweet this nail colour is a feisty one.


 For a blushing cute look make sure you try out Marshmellow, a baby pink and Laguna Love which is a soft lilac. 

If you don’t want to be too girly avoid the corals and pinks this season and go for Moroccan Mint or Bermuda Blue – even the names sound like summer! 

Miners is sold online and at quality pharmacies all over the UK and abroad the nail varnishes retail at just £2.99.
Don’t be put off by the low price – Miners has been in business since 1937 and their products are great quality!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Edge Model Training Workshop

Model Training Workshop in collaboration with Charles Forde academy Ideal for new and inexperienced models (female and male)

  It’s always hard being a new model and not knowing anything about the industry, so why not book yourself on to our model training workshop to get a head start.
With our workshop you’re not only going to learn how to be a model but also learn valuable information that you will need to succeed in the modelling industry
Our workshop will not only benefit you in modelling but will also be lots of fun and it is also a chance to meet other models.  
We are holding an intensive 4 hour workshop on 
 Sunday 3rd April 2011 (starts at 11.30)

 The first part of the workshop will be based on Physical movement  
 This will loosen you up and build your confidence and prepare you for the rest of the workshop ahead as when it comes to posing in front of the camera this will be very important?
Body warm up
Get to know you and confidence games – confidence is the key to being a successful model
Body awareness
Choreographed dance routine 
This Section of the workshop will be taken by a professional dancer and choreographer
The second part of the workshop will concentrate on photo shoots
We will work on
Facial Expression
Body Posture
Body Movement
Act out casting scenarios – so when you go to your first casting you are confident, no what to expect, act professional and simply shine above all the rest

The third part of the workshop will be based on catwalk training and posture
 We will show you how to walk like a top catwalk model and teach you to own the runway with the help of one of our top full time working models associated with Charles Forde Academy

The forth part will be Model Advice, focusing on:
The Industry
Personal image development
Health and beauty

And finally the workshop will finish with a professional photo shoot from a top photographer from Fashion Capital in which you will be able to keep the images and use for your professional portfolio

Modelling is more than simply looking good in front of a camera or indeed carrying out the instructions of the photographer. To succeed as a model, you need to be equipped with more than the right look. You also need to be able to impress but how do you impress? How do you stand out from the crowd so as to ensure the photographer/client requests you time and time again?

This workshop will help educate and teach you how to be a professional model.

Please Email to book your place…Limited Spaces Available  

A few previous pics below: