Monday, 21 February 2011

Todd Lynn AW11

As most of the fashion crew are whisked away to the clashing Burberry show Todd Lynns show is relatively empty – their loss I say!
The show opens with a series of gorgeous camel tailored wool jackets with collars zipped up over the nose and huge fur ruffs. Trousers are panelled and piped with leather – this collection has such amazing symmetry with entirely symetrical tailored jackets mixed with assymetric lapels, trousers and styled with over the elbow, buckled leather gloves. Draped fur wraps over stunning pleated trousers win over the crowd. The colour palette is basic moving from camel to grey and black then climaxing with red. One way to describe this utilitarian collection could be described as Nazi chic with a very WW2 theme running all the way through. The styling and siloheuttes are both very masculine with a few mens wear pieces thrown in.  The tailoring moved to ribbed, long knitwear – Todd Lynn seems to have moved away slightly from the usual grunge collections despite the colour palette and towards a more sophisticated, grown up collection. The strong military theme is continued in the imposing silohuette  - broad acentuated shoulders, sharp angles and skin tight trousers falling to ridiculously high stiletto shoe boots.
Such a great collection!
Jemima Daisy

Images by Andy Espin

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