Monday, 14 February 2011

More Red Carpet Loves and Hates from The Grammys

Fashion yes, no's and oh my gods from the 53rd Annual Grammys. 

Starting with insanity – Rihanna. What the hell was she thinking? This Jean Paul Gaultier creation looks like its been made out of white binliners, toilet roll and has the look of an iced cake. This is something I’d expect to see in an off-the-wall wedding show not on the red carpet. It doesn’t help that you can she her not quite skin colour knickers through the dress – obviously we don’t want to see her vagazzle either but surely when those are the only two options the dress is wrong?!
Verdict : INSANE

J-Lo shimmered down the red carpet in a disco ball dress (is it a dress or a top?) designed by Pucci. With legs like hers I’d have it all out too. She does look fantastic!
Verdict : HOT

Eva Longaria worked an Ashi two-tone dress that looks classy and chic. Being from the US her tight up do looks more classy than the standard UK Croydon facelift.
Verdict : Classy

Heidi Klum went all out for the Grammys in gold sequins. I know shes got a great figure but this dress is just…. Icky.
Verdict : Average

Not to be outdone by Rihanna, Lady Gaga rocked up in an egg. Yes an egg. I think maybe when she was on her UK tour she got a taste for those gooey aliens that were so popular in schools in the late 90’s/early noughties. She was carried in by models in gold latex. It just wasn’t fashion was it? Gaga I love you but this is just a bit weird, roll this one to the back of the wardrobe and the top of the most mental outfits ever list. Once out of the egg she wore             hideous yellow latex that looked like a 90’s ‘high school’ fashion project.
After this she changed…. Twice. Into black egg box leotard then into gaffa taped boobs and a half jacket with a huge hat covering half her face. She had pointy plastic synthetic shoulders pasted to her own body that gave her an alienarrexic look.
Verdict : INSANE

Katy Perry rocked up with Russel brand dressed as a mermaid/angel with a sparkling embellished bodice and a shimmering fish tail skirt designed by Armarni Prive. She also wore a crazy pair of feathered angel wings reminiscent of Victorias Secret catwalks. Don’t try and play the innocence up now Katy – we all know you were too kinky for Sesame street! Brand also wore a shiny pale grey suit to match. They are a gorgeous couple but I think this outfit was just a little fishy. Her grandmother how ever looked like a modernized fairy god mother with her sparkly walking stick and silver theme – I liked this J
Verdict : Flying Fish 

Ciara went for an Amazonian warrior maxi dress that is just plain ugly (and a little bit last season).
Verdict : Grim

Amber Reily’s dress was gross. I’m not even going to complain because shes a bit chunky but the Glee star could have done so much more for her bootylicious figure. The weird tiger print, fantasy pattern dress was accessorized with clashing gold – its just not a great combo. Sorry darling, its not because your big, that dress is ugly.
Verdict: Grim

Willow Smith & Fam as a collective look a little mismatched. While Jada Pinkett smith looked classy in silver chainmail (reminded me a little of Fiona Paxton jewelry but I have no idea who its by). I love Willow Smith but she went a little wrong this time. The brown trouser/skirt harems looked more crazy than kooky although I think the jackets very cute. Not sure why she was hanging a mini merry go round off her hand but when I was a kid I’d take my teddy to the cinema – maybe it’s the same concept. I love the platform trainers!
Verdict : Average

Kim Kardashian just looked trashy in Kaufman Franco. Tits OR leg sweetheart.
Verdict : Grim

Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) wore Givenchy Couture gown that seemed to be bigging up the golden eagle. It turned heads without being totally insane which is certainly a start. The sheer net mixed with the petal paneling was just gorgeous and although she seemed to be wearing no make up or to have brushed her hair she did look gorgeous.
Verdict : Hot

Nicole Kidman provided another fashion fail with a hideous khaki number by Jean Paul Gaultier. There is just nothing attractive about this weird rouched, petal printed dress. It’s a flattering shape on Nicole but… just so wrong. I’ve realized what it reminds me of… beetroot. Nicole Kidman is wearing a beetroot to the Grammys.
Verdict : Grim

Miley Cyrus was drowning in a glittery tiger print dress. It was a shiny take on Boho but the skirt seemed to by pulling her down and the overall look wasn’t a success.
Verdict : Average

Nicki Minaj has obviously had a shock, an electric shock. That is the only reason I can see for dressing like this much of an idiot. Either she’s trying to be Cruella De Vil or she is really completely fashion clueless. There are no words to describe how awful this outfit is.
Verdict : FOUL

Jewel went for a lemon one shouldered dress. Its OK. There’s nothing overly horrible about it and she doesn’t look washed out so this dress is spared my bitchiness.
Verdict : Average

Jennifer Hudson’s navy Versace creation was nice and the tapering length was something a little different but the structured underwear/outerwear bodice was barely keeping her breasticals in and this was a bit trashy.
Verdict : Hot

Blimey! Kelly Osborne actually looks feminine and attractive! Her lilac ruffle dress was actually pretty nice (in a sugar plum fairy kind of way). The darker ribbon at her waist really accentuated her little waist and broke up the fluffy ruffles nicely. Her crystal studded shoes were also lovely… although… these are the Grammys – you think she’d get her roots done.
Verdict : Hot

Cyndi Lauper’s horrendous dress looks like shes painted and slaughtered a crocodile at a last minute outfit dilemma. Horrible. I'm not even going to start on her hair. You know what I'm going to say.
Verdict : GRIM

 Hayley Williams came straight from an audition for the local production of Fame. Nice.
Verdict : Grim

Janelle Monae shunned the floor length dress tradition in a chic tux combo – very nice young lady.
Verdict : Hot

Keri Hilson’s dress is actually very nice. Its not too much of anything and it has enough detail to be interesting. Designed by Basil Soda, I think this is a good red carpet outfit.
Verdict : Hot

Mya’s Jean Fares Couture gown is gorgeous. Totally over embellished and really different this dress is set off beautifully by Mya’s slick, understated hair and make up. The metallic colour is a little over done now but this one off dress gets the thumbs up from me.
Verdict : Hot

Paz Vegas minimalist dress pushes all my buttons, a really gorgeous classy outfit – except if the wind blows you WILL be able to see her va-jay-jay… you can already see her cellulite.  
Verdict : Stunning

Ricki Martin, we know your out the closet but that is no excuse for silver trousers. You aren’t Lady Gaga and this isn’t NASA – there is no excuse.
Verdict : Out of this world (not in a good way)

Julianne Hough wore a STUNNING print maxi dress by Malandrino with a plunging neckline and divine flowing skirt. The marblised print had an art deco edge that just looked SO chic and classy. Perfection.
Verdict : Stunning

Natasha Bedingfield went for a sea side themed dress in sky blue. The dress its self I approve of but with a touch of tan (you’re in LA… how are you so pasty?) it could have worked a lot better as she looks a little washed out in blue. The billioning skirt and sweetheart beaded bodice how ever is gorgeous.
Verdict : Hot

So there we have it, I am once again left wondering how with so much money people can get it so wrong on the red carpet. More hits and misses from the US of A.
Much Love
Jemima Daisy x

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  1. I love the verdict definition of "grim"! made me giggle!