Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Model Workshop January

At the beginning of January I once again photographed a model workshop with Edge Models. 
As always I am crap with names.

This girl had a great face and figure but her petite frame means that she will have alot of trouble breaking into modelling rather than extra work.
I also found that she tensed up her jaw and face as soon as she got in front of the camera which gave some of her shots a slightly unnatural look.
Would suggest organising more TFP work with photographers to get used to relaxing in front of the camera.

I found that this girl was very enthusiastic and confident which is great to work with and meant that we could play with different body shapes. I think this girl would be great for extra and dance work because she has a great attitude towards work. She has a strong jawline taht she needs to remember when shooting.
Would suggest as much posing practice as possible and working in the mirror on facial angles. 

Loved this girl.. Though she was really fun and willing to try anything. We got some great shots of her. As well as bringing some cool props such as fairy wings she has a great figure and takes direction very well.
Would suggest more photo practice to just work on getting the best out of every photo.

Working with this guy was great as he was fun and confident and willing to try new things but previous experience meant that he didn't take direction as well as some of the others with less experience. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing for these images.
Would suggest that he just spends more time working with photographers and trying as many things as possible.

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