Friday, 18 February 2011

LFW Kicking Off with Paul Costelloe & Caroline Charles

Paul Costelloe

London Fashion Week kicked off with the wonderful Paul Costelloe. His collection featured some great prints including some gorgeous tartans , florals and some great padded metallics. He opened the show with his daughter modelling. The dresses were a sassy, shorter length in a cute A-line with a few plunging necklines but mainly higher soft necklines to make up for the shorter hem lines. Some necklines were slightly structured. Colours were dampened slightly to fit the autumnal season but were mainly gorgeous greens, red, mustards and cream mixed into stunning florals. The coats were made to hang away from the body and elongate the figure of the wearer. 
Styled WONDERFULLY the hair mirrored the shapes and colours of the collection. Love it!

Caroline Charles
Caroline Charles’ show was a a trip down memory lane as the hem lines dropped to mid-calf and last seasons hunter chic turned into WW2 themes of rough ‘make-do-and-mend’ fabrics.  The pres release tells us that the show takes inspiration from the suffragettes and this comes across in the meek highstreet ready colours and shapes. The tailoring is stunning and very detailed but the fabrics and dull colour pallette let the collection down somewhat. Some of the more impressive garments included a bustle back pencil skirt that looked incredibly elegant and added a glamourous element to the collection. There were a few flashes of animal print including a full trouser set that brought comments around me such as ‘hideous’. Day wear was mainly straight, loose fitting sets and suits with a few gorgeous necklines, though mainly sitting on the collarbone.
The evening wear added a bit of glam with oriental themes and cumberband wraps as an exotic touch. The materials changed to soft slinky fabrics and those stiff with sequins and glitter – though still seeming a little country casuals this colllection improved.
 This collection was definately aimed at an older audience and this could have been a bad choice as the crowds reaction wasnt great. The finale piece was a fullength bustle skirt and top set, covered in sequins and crystals and topped off with a top hat and full mourning lace veil that wrapped around the hips adding an hourglass shape.
Styled with low pony tails, felt hats and ribbon ties at the base of the neck this collection was definately reviving 1940’s vintage  and this was obvious in the somewhat dull coloured fabrics and then the evening wear glam. 

 One of the nicer dowdy prints
 Lady like tailoring
More glamourous evening wear

More soon from the catwalk!
Much Love
Jemima Daisy

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