Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lako Bukia – CHOXA

Lako Bukias collection was a mix of military tailoring and girly fluid fabrics. Smart sheer shirts had leather piping, lapels and panels which added to the military feeling with the large bullet embellishment and exposed zips.
Heavy wollen fabrics made up dresses and jackets and the collection morphed from greys and blacks into softer fabrics in brown and camel, burgandy and pink and finally blues. Layers of leather detail sat on top of the sheer flowing fabrics adding stongly and constantly to the military theme. The release on each of the seats told the audience that the collection was inspired by the Georgian National Ballets costume – having no idea what this looks like we cannot make the link. Fabrics ranged from leather and wool to chiffon and satin embellished with wood and metal. The show was accessorized with stunning signiture shoes – the shoes had block coloured chunky heels as well as a few pairs of high leather hunter boots.
Overall this collection flowed consistantly and was very well received. We stock Lako Bukias collection in British Designers @ Fashion Capital so come down and see the stock!
Jemima Daisy

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