Friday, 18 February 2011

Jean-Pierre Braganza after show party at Jalouse London + LFW Rant part 1

(After a while this turns into bile.... apologies.)

Rocking up 15 minutes early to this party we thought we were being clever – missing the queues and expecting an evening of free drinks – just like last season. The recesion has obvisously hit bad. Instead of hiring a PR company to invite the creme de la creme of fashion industry figures Jean Pierre asked a beautiful tranny to do the job. Problem is this guy/gal invited every person on facebook. Everyone vaguely interested in a career in fashion rocked up, with the family and dog in tow. Mainly wannabes, students and the fashion oblivious. (Nothing against host and co. Just a load of guests that made me want to cut my own arm off.)
I’m only 20 and I felt old – at a fashion week AFTERPARTY. Come on!
The singing act was a wannabe Lady Gaga with a crucifix head dress, cape and underneath a neon leotard with glowsticks stuck to it. Her act wasnt much better than her costume – sounding so much like a drag act that i thought she was about to whip out her willy and sing the cocoacabana.
Guests ranged from wearing wanna be fashion finds, obvious retro raids (after the vintage ‘It’ store has already been raided) and then the frankly ridiculous including a dude in an aztec print toga with a few necklaces ‘abstractly’ wrapped around his head and NOTHING ELSE. Seriously, he climbed over the booth next to me to go see his ‘trendy trendy’ friends and I saw EVERYTHING. An outfit like that requires a wax dude.
The free drinks (one ‘unique, new’ cocktail that tasted EXACTLY like sex on the beach) ended at half 10. So after queueing for half an hour, freezing our metaphorics off.... we got 3 free drinks that should have come in a fish bowl with a side dish of chlamidyia and casual sex. No, just no.

 The Jean –Pierre Braganza show was incredible – a little ‘been there’ but still edgy and gorgeous and yum. This party? Not so much.
After an hour of being subjected to awful music, rude clientel and obviously jaded staff (they gave up baby sitting years ago) – we left.
 Wetting ourselves laughing the whole way home realising that so many dont understand a career in fashion. LFW is a job ok? Every day for 5 days – RELENTLESS!
The rest of this is just a rant. If you dont like it... dont read on!!
I want to stipulate the difference between fashionistas and the fashion industry.
Example one:  Corrie Neilson - the show today. Looking at the woman who was behind this collection you would not guess that she is a fashion week famous designer. She doesnt feel the need to wrap herself in mental outfits. She is just a great designer, with skill, contacts and business accumin.
Example two:  Harold Tillman – Chairman of the BFC. He exudes power and wealth. A smartly dressed elderly gentleman RUNNING the biggest fashion event in England. I wouldnt dare approach him – what would I have to say to such a guy?!
Example three : Richard Bradbury – ex  CEO River Island. I was lucky enough to interview this guy. He recognises me everytime we meet after an interview when I was 16. He dresses smartly and ran one of the best fashion graduate schemes around (in association with Graduate Fashion Week) – plus hes really bloody nice!!
These examples are older, granted and there are obvious eccentric exceptions like Vivienne Westwood. She is a true eccentric unlike the trying-too-hard-to-be-eccentric fashionistas – her brand is world famous and highly desirable. She has a business mind hidden under ‘madness’ and dyed hair.
Example four : This one is closer to my heart. Two wicked girls I work with. 1 – Miss Jennifer Sutton, FashionCapital editor in cheif. She works her arse off, gets amazing results, looks great and is humble in the face of successful fashion industry figures. Not slutting it up and acting like the next big thing as some are prone to do. 2 – Sannita Hancock. This week she is working with me at LFW. Shes a proper eager beaver and she lives, sleeps and breathes fashion. She understands that its a lifestyle and a job – not an easy socialite lifestyle like so many seem to believe, and shes bloody good at it. Effortlessly chic – and BOY, does she know her shit. Also under this catagory my favourites are Samata Angel (an incredible fashion entrepeneur) and Lorna Weightman (by day ACCOUNTANT, by night FASHION BLOGGER SENSATION in Ireland).
The oposite is the WANNA BE. People who believe that fashion is hanging out in the cool clubs, being a bitch, sucking off the right tranny and dressing like an obnoxious, backwards... idiot.
Just a little sick of the fashion wannabes and loving the nice crowd. The talented people that make Fashion what it is despite the uprising of desperate talentless wastes.
Sorry to rant. Just how I see it right now – maybe ‘Jalousi’ cocktails make me a total cynic.

Much love

Jemima Daisy x

Obviously I was pretty irritable when I wrote this and was not thinking at all about how it would affect anyone reading it. To the hosts etc. I will not apologise for not enjoying myself at the party but I am sorry that it may have caused you offence. I'd like to re mention that the clientele was what annoyed me most. Last seasons party was great and I'm sure next season I'll be pleasantly surprised (or barred!).

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