Saturday, 19 February 2011

Jacob Kimmie

Men in nappies posing like washed up greek gods and models wrapped in swathes of net. The collection was a little disjointed and very.... strange. Although all the main trends were there - fringing, head dresses, assymetric hemlines and sheer fabrics.

The collection began with outfits in a dark denim like wool with assyetric a-line dresses following the recent elizabethan styles. The models styled with all white faces and massive fluffy hair, white tights and powdered arms. Next the collection took a dark turn and the models were all dressed in black with black net wrapped around their faces and black leather fringes.
Next was a girl in all white with a arm painted red, then followed by a white dress and a model with her entire head and neck painted red. When the collection ended no one was really aware as the models stayed on the catwalk. This was great so that the audience can examine the collections fully.

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