Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fashion Mode - AW11

Carlotta Actis Barone

This collection was made up of only three colours – red, black navy, and white; a tried and trusted combination although this collection thankfully steered well clear of the usual nautical style that accompanies such colours. The collection opens with a stunning tiered red prom dress with structured square shoulders and a sweetheart bodice. The styling instantly sets off the collection with all white make up, shimmering white lips and fake white eyelashes. Emblazoned Henry Holland style tights peep from the underneath the dress for an added styled touch. The collection continues with some great ready to wear pieces including a leather black jacket and trouser combo held to the first outfit with the emblazoned tights reappearing as a leotard. Faux fur features strongly in cute, short capes and a dress as well as embellishing jackets and as traditional muffs. This collection screeches of Chekov portrayed Russian winter! Although the silohuettes are not consistant this collection generally fits with the angular shapes we have seen a lot of so far with structured shoulders, high collars and accentuated hips. The finale piece is a stunning red fish tail dress and ice white fur stole. Oh-So feminine, tight and with a gorgeous sweetheart neckline this is reminiscent of a Ziad finale minus transvestites and stripping. A brilliant collection worthy of a much longer show!

Florian Jayet

Florian Jayets collection was mainly made up of black and white pieces with the interest coming in the form of intricate padding and clever panelling details. Structure was used subtly and effectively creating sharp torsos and skimming elegantly over hips. One patterned, brown piece was a cape skirt combo with leather padded shoulders, it stuck out slightly in the collection but was still very well made.

James Hillman

This menswear collection was entirely made up of black menswear tailoring. Obviously a very skilled tailor this collection didn’t contain a drop of colour which made it a little bland for us, the audience.
One plus about the lack of colour was that we are made to notice the interesting aspects of this collection such as structured cuffs, diagonal exposed zips and interesting mixed fabric panelling.

Jemima Daisy

Images by Andy Espin

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