Friday, 18 February 2011

Corrie Neilson

Corrie Neilsons show was full of stunning structuring and elizabethan elements. The collection screamed of Shakespearean romance and regality.
The collection begins with a high collared black tailored shirt with a black draped sash dropping to harem style trousers.  Many of the trousers have bustle style wrap arounds at the hips to great angular siloheuttes. I loved the added bustles that were tied to waists and hips. The outfits began in grey, navy and black moving into metalic muted jewel colours – these masculine altered tailored suits morphed into evening wear with puffed shoulders, metalic panelling then dresses and skirts. The last two finale pieces were STUNNING.
Floor sweeping structured dresses floated down the catwalk as models wore ballet pumps. Hips were built outwards to add to the incredible siloheuttes. The collars were puffed up and stood up behind the beehived hair. Absoltely stunnung.
Images will follow. Trust me – you will want to see these.
I’m off to source a bottle of wine and get my make-up done by the MAC girls.
Ciao !!
Jemima Daisy x

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