Monday, 28 February 2011

Claudine Ivari Showroom Visit

This morning was a chance to meet designer Claudine Ivari and view her latest collection. This collection will be her third high profile show which is being held next Monday in the stunning central Paris showroom a stones throw from The Arc de Triomph.  Claudine’s AW11 collection is inspired by impressionism and she tells us that ‘the fuzzy brush strokes’ are the reason for the fluffy applique and beautiful hand printed lining silk. The collection is in two stages – firstly we see lady like tweeds and cashmere coats, beautifully tailored and pleated. This range is tailored beautifully and the jacket sets seem like they are very much aimed for the more mature fashionista while short hemlines and and playsuits cater for the younger ages. Pleats fan out from the neckline mirroring the sunlight rays in Monet’s artwork – this is continued in waist line gathers and detail. Camel makes an appearance with high necklines and shoulder embellishment, mirroring UK AW11 trends.
The collection moves from the starting colours of black, grey, mixed silver tweed and navy to a stunning selection of pale pink ballerina worthy garments. Firstly we see a dress with a huge net skirt, deep v neckline and a basic ribbon at the waist - our attention is then drawn to a large a-line net skirt with stunning ruffle applique along the hem, this is subtly beaded and leads to a full embellished skirt covered in the same detail – asking about this skirt we are told that 150 hours went into hand beading and embellishing this skirt, aside from the pattern cutting and basic work.
We also see two previous collections and an intermediary collection of ball gowns and floor-length dresses almost like a side project. The previous summer’s collection is very nautical focussing on white, navy and gold trim. There were many playsuits, short and with little navy collars embellished with gold beading and big anchor buttons.
The intermediate selection of b all dresses is made in a variety of great new styles and includes a lot of the stunning hand embellishment we have seen so much of.
The previous winters collection went rather down the sparking Christmas line but with a few stunning tailoring examples and a gorgeous sheer silk shirt.
The showroom itself was previously a hotel and is more like a cathedral than a showroom with arching high ceilings, gilt gold and mirrored walls. The fashion show taking place on Monday will take a tour through three of the main rooms to a slightly raised stage. If we weren’t leaving Paris a few days before the show it would be a delight to see.

'Ballerina' selection with stunning hand embellishment based on impressionism movement.

 Previous SS collection - Nautical based

 Fanned pleats based on Monet's sun and brushstrokes
 More gorgeous embellishment from Claudine Ivari

Much Love
Jemima Daisy

Next : Arch de Triomphe, Le Bon Marche presents Dior (New look 1947!) and the Pompidou.

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