Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bunmi Koko - AW11

Bunmi Kokos highly anticipated collection begins with a huge net underskirt beneath a rainbow and black geometric printed dress with padded square shoulders and loose tapering sleeves. The dress is accessoried with a clear acrylic bejewelled pair of glasses – more like a welding lense than a pair of traditional glasses.
Next was a shaggy orange jacket reminscent of the 70’s over another geometric print dress.
The collection continues with geometric prints and strong silohuettes with block colours of jewel purple being filtered in with skirts and jackets.
The Bunmi Koko AW collection was a display of exotic prints and striking siloheuttes.
The rainbow coloured prints were mixed with jet black geometrics to create some dynamic outfits. The siloheuttes were angular and strong, building shoulders, puff sleeves and huge netted skirts.
The last few outfits were maxi dresses, split up the front and flaring out beautifully. The first maxi was all black and shimmering with gorgeous cut outs, beaded embellishment and sheer panels.
The final was another pink and purple geometric print with a high ruffled collar and accessorized with more bejewelled glasses.
Great collection – a nice burst of colour in a bleak cold february.

Jemima Daisy

Images by Andy Espin

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