Monday, 28 February 2011

Claudine Ivari Showroom Visit

This morning was a chance to meet designer Claudine Ivari and view her latest collection. This collection will be her third high profile show which is being held next Monday in the stunning central Paris showroom a stones throw from The Arc de Triomph.  Claudine’s AW11 collection is inspired by impressionism and she tells us that ‘the fuzzy brush strokes’ are the reason for the fluffy applique and beautiful hand printed lining silk. The collection is in two stages – firstly we see lady like tweeds and cashmere coats, beautifully tailored and pleated. This range is tailored beautifully and the jacket sets seem like they are very much aimed for the more mature fashionista while short hemlines and and playsuits cater for the younger ages. Pleats fan out from the neckline mirroring the sunlight rays in Monet’s artwork – this is continued in waist line gathers and detail. Camel makes an appearance with high necklines and shoulder embellishment, mirroring UK AW11 trends.
The collection moves from the starting colours of black, grey, mixed silver tweed and navy to a stunning selection of pale pink ballerina worthy garments. Firstly we see a dress with a huge net skirt, deep v neckline and a basic ribbon at the waist - our attention is then drawn to a large a-line net skirt with stunning ruffle applique along the hem, this is subtly beaded and leads to a full embellished skirt covered in the same detail – asking about this skirt we are told that 150 hours went into hand beading and embellishing this skirt, aside from the pattern cutting and basic work.
We also see two previous collections and an intermediary collection of ball gowns and floor-length dresses almost like a side project. The previous summer’s collection is very nautical focussing on white, navy and gold trim. There were many playsuits, short and with little navy collars embellished with gold beading and big anchor buttons.
The intermediate selection of b all dresses is made in a variety of great new styles and includes a lot of the stunning hand embellishment we have seen so much of.
The previous winters collection went rather down the sparking Christmas line but with a few stunning tailoring examples and a gorgeous sheer silk shirt.
The showroom itself was previously a hotel and is more like a cathedral than a showroom with arching high ceilings, gilt gold and mirrored walls. The fashion show taking place on Monday will take a tour through three of the main rooms to a slightly raised stage. If we weren’t leaving Paris a few days before the show it would be a delight to see.

'Ballerina' selection with stunning hand embellishment based on impressionism movement.

 Previous SS collection - Nautical based

 Fanned pleats based on Monet's sun and brushstrokes
 More gorgeous embellishment from Claudine Ivari

Much Love
Jemima Daisy

Next : Arch de Triomphe, Le Bon Marche presents Dior (New look 1947!) and the Pompidou.

Paris Day One - In Photos

Discovering Le Balcon!

Jumping on the bed

More Balcony shenanigans!

Tour Eiffel

Discovering the Eiffel Tower and its many vantage points!
Lunch in a scummy pub that turned out to be a gorgeous restaurant with the toilet in the broom cupboard.

Nom Nom Nom!
Hot face.
Finally we made it to the top!
Just in time for a beautiful sunset.
Frenching and food - mmmmm eclair.

Fun with food.


Look what I picked up!

So, tourist attraction no.1 out of the way we move on to fashion, vino and as many baguettes as France can feed us.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Paris Day One - Overview

Dragging ourselves out of bed at 4am was no mean feat for two fashionistas in a sordid affair with 2-4-1 cocktails. However, finally somehow we wereat Luton airport and eventually on a plane to Charles de Galle airport. On the plane we met up with William Seal, a male model with a much firmer hold on the french language than myself and Sannita.
Once we arrived in Paris we lazily paid an extortionate amount for a taxi to our hotel ‘Pavillion Republique Les Halles’. Looking at the outside we wonder what the hell we have let ourselves in for! Then after filling in forms and realising that where we were staying charges 100Euros a night we were let into our gorgeous twin and double rooms.  The double is huge and has a gorgeous balconette looking over the main road – we are in a busy area but its not too noisy and the decor is quaint verging on old fashioned.
We jump on the beds and take posey pictures on the balcony, excited that via Trivago we have bagged a £100 room for £30 per night. Get in! We intend to head into the surrounding area to seek out a supermarket but... its a Sunday and all thats open is a slightly over priced offy. Or should I say ‘Offée’? As you can tell – my french is pretty shit. We end up bored of searching for cheap meals and head of the Eiffel Tower, determined to get the touristy crap out the way asap. We wander through the gardens and are awed once again by the National Symbol. Its incredible to think that once upon a time the french citizens called the monument an eyesore. We spent around an hour wandering the neighboring streets eventually finding a Pub/Cafe that looked plastic and cheap from the outside but was all waiters in bowties and soft brown leather on the inside. We spent a while here, nursing a glass of gorgeous french wine over an omlette and chips. When the sun begins to set we leave and head for the eiffel tower again, wanting to watch the sunset feeling on top of the world. Paris from above is even more beautiful than walking through the streets – mainly because a few hundred feet in the air we arent about to get hit by an irate native driver. The wind is roaring around the top floor and the queues to get back down to the ground floor are hideous but eventually we land on solid ground for the second time today and are happy once again that we are in Paris!
Looking around the streets of tourist central Paris we see little fashion and as everywhere is shut there is no chance to check out the shops, as we pass in blood red lipstick and sticking out like a sore thumb heads turn and I cant help but wonder.... ‘ What the fuck are they going to think when PFW begins?!”. Fresh from LFW looking at the Eiffel Tower we can see the amazing structural and decorational detail and wonder if any of the Paris Fashion Week designers will take this detail, structure and ambition as inspiration.
High on life we wander back to a metro station and head home, knackered from our early start and feeling that although we have seen no fashion (at all – unless backpacks, pufferjackets and a million keyrings selling at 20cents each counts) we have had a fantastic day.
Tomorrow is the beginning of ‘real’ work with a designer showroom viewing and interview with Claudine Ivari in her Paris showroom. Exciting!

Much Love from Paris!
Jemima Daisy
&Sannita Hancock
&William Seal 

Friday, 25 February 2011

Looking Pretty Fly

Awww Raymondo Marcus took my picture again :)

Much Love!

Interview at Fashion Week

My interview with Maisy James - the next Kiss Chosen one! (If you vote)

Not my best interview - cant wait for style nation to upload!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Beautiful Soul - New Collection Press Release!

Beautiful Soul’s autumn/winter 2011 collection entitled Painting by Numbers takes us on a journey through an English country garden, exploring the eternal appeal of English tradition and escape the pace of London, if only for a while.

The season is all about colour and the hues are fresh and bright - a refreshing twist to AW:11. A blank silk canvas is the starting point, pulling from memory and reminiscing, filling in shapes with colour: swallows, English roses, bluebells, butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybirds breathe a breath of fresh air into autumn/winter. British illustrator Faye West has been commissioned to collaborate on the unique prints.

The women’s ready-to-wear boasts a strong collection of outerwear including trenches, capes, blazers and cropped jackets in British wool trimmed with carved and engraved vegetable ivory (a seed from a palm tree that is 100% sustainable) buttons.

The outerwear sits perfectly beside a more commercial range of silk, illustrated print dresses that fluidly drape and flatter the female form. Wrap dresses, shift dresses, shirt-dresses, and playful mini dresses meet a brand new capsule selection of silk gowns, destined for the red carpet.

The men’s ready-to-wear will again see blazers, but this time in British wool.

Beautiful Soul will carry on with their Kimono Collection, upcycling vintage Japanese kimonos into a striking and wholly unique collection of trenches, capes, blazers and cropped jackets.

Nicola Woods, the founder and designer of Beautiful Soul is a graduate of The London College of Fashion and recently won the Future 100 award for changing the face of everyday business and improving commerce's impact on the wider world. She was short-listed for the Hospital Club 100 Award 2010 (in association with the Independent Newspaper), won the Ethical Fashion Forum’s INNOVATION award in 2009, and was a finalist at Fashioning the Future 2009. Having worked as a designer for South African charity, Tabeisa, Nicola maintains, “fashion with a true meaning is the only way forward”. She aims to share her knowledge and experience with emerging creative talents to garner collective recognition. Fans of Beautiful Soul include Laura Bailey, Lily Cole, Sophie Anderton, Kate Nash and singer/songwriter, Gabby Young who provided the soundtrack for the Beautiful Soul’s first film.

The Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron congratulates Nicola saying she is, “very impressed with what you have managed to achieve in such a short space of time with your business. Your collection looks beautiful.”

Beautiful Soul is stocked at the V&A, My Sugarland and via their own e-commerce offering: Retail prices range from £150.00 - £1,300.00