Saturday, 8 January 2011

What's in Jemima Daisy's Make Up Bag?

Seeing as I have lost my make-up bag and need to go out and buy it ALL OVER AGAIN I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let you all in on my favourite beauty products.

SO....what's in my make up bag? (Well nothing now it's missing)

My favourite foundation in the whole wide world is Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Foundation. At £47 its not at all cheap! But the coverage is great and long lasting so this is still my number one. However its hard to get hold of and I need all this by Monday! Instead of this I'm going to get a cheap fix….

Cheap skate :
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation. At only £3.99 its a no brainer! This foundation may be cheap but its bloody good!

I've never been a fan of foundation brushes, I like to wear make up not war paint.  I always choose a nice soft sponge :)

I have constant bags under my eyes, crappy skin and never go to bed before midnight. Hot right?
What i need to cover up my 'imperfections' is the Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer. It's also dirt cheap at just £4.99 and I'm sorry YSL but its so much better than Touch Eclat. Its thicker and provides the coverage a state like me needs after a heavy night.

One of the only things I haven't lost is my blusher - THANK GOD. I love bright pink cheeks and my current blush favourite is MAC Venomous Villians Malificent powder blusher. Its not available any more so I'm pretty chuffed I saved this!
My summer favourite is my Chanel loose powder bronzer. Can't find it anywhere any more so I'm also glad I've not lost this!


Black eyes
I live and die by MAC Fluidline eyeliner. Many of my friends and colleagues whack a bit of this on for a night out but this is my everyday dark liner. I never line the inside of my eyes only the top - apparently its going to be all the rage this year so once again Imma look good! It costs around £13 which used to seem a bit much to me (I've been wearing it a long time) but its so longer wearing and smudge proof and lasts for at least a year per pot. Incredible stuff. I hear Bobby Brown do a version but when I tried it in Khaki it was a little bit like grease paint.

Another favourite is Collection 2000's Glam Crystals Eyeliner, thick gooey glitter that stays on no matter what. I haven't worn this as much recently but when I first met my other half people guessed it was me he was dating because he was constantly covered in glitter. Yep, one night with me and you look like Edward Cullen. (Seriously, I hate that Twilight crap.)

Benefit do some incredible shadows. I had a nice box set and my favourite shadow? No idea what its called but its a gorgeous gold shadow that just added a bit of shimmer where its needed. Urban Decay also do a gorgeous gold sparkle called StarDust. The best gold shade is Space Cowboy. This'll set you back around £14 and usually the same from Benefit.

Lovely Lashes
There are 2 incredible mascaras that I use for fake looking lashes - Revlon   Grow Luscious mascara and Too Faced Lash Injection. The Revlon mascara will cost you £10 and Too Faced will be around £14.
They both really plum up lashes and give me the huge lash look that I love with out clumps. Bourjois do a great mascara for the summer - their Clubbing mascara is nigh on impossible to remove, is waterproof, sweatproof and provides great volume as long as you put it on properly - beware because if you apply too much or too slowly your lashes will be clumpy and heavy. Not a great look.

Lip service
I recently discovered Revlons Colorburst lipstick that is intense and vibrant and gorgeous - I had a sample of this sent through so i have literally no idea if its available or not yet. We can only hope!
The Super Lustrous colours are also really nice from Revlon. Once upon a time I had a stunning MAC lipstick but this colour has since been discontinued so I imagine I'll have to have a rummage to find a red/burgandy that I love. For healthy lips choose KORRES lipstick. I would give you more information BUT their e-shop is IMPOSSIBLE to navigate!

If your anything like me and get chapped dry skin easily then the only place for you is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream. It comes in a little pot and can be used on your face, hands, body - anywhere! I use this on my chapped lips and cracked knuckles (they bleed when they get too cold - i'm not some sort of Thug-ette)

So there you have it, tomorrow my debit card is going to take an absolute battering. Most of the above products are available from Boots but if you can't find it there then all major department stores should be able to help you.

Jemima Daisy's Shopping List

Foundation - Rouge Bunny Rouge or Collection 2000
Concealer - Collection 2000
Mascara - Too Faced or Revlon
Lipstick - Revlon and MAC
Lip balm - Elizabeth Arden
Eyeliner - MAC
Eyeshadow - Benefit or Urban Decay

If your going to shop for make-up you have to do it properly! :)

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