Saturday, 8 January 2011

This Kenneth Tong Dickhead

'Kenneth Tong, what a dopey prick.'
Ok so some one is bigging up anorexia. 'Managed anorexia' is still a fucking disease. I honestly would love to be a size zero and once upon a time I fitted in to a US size zero pair of shorts - this damaged my body irreversibly!!

I've known models and other girls who have strived for years to hit size zero with their control problems eating away at their waistlines then when thats all gone… it begins to eat their muscles. And then finally their internal organs. Its just a slow sick suicide.
The worst bit is… in the grips of an eating disorder you're totally consumed by trying to be thinner, you never step back and say 'Shit, I'm beautiful!'.
You never see the beauty rotting away like friends and family do. (Even if you are ugly... sorry but some people are never going to be on the cover of Vogue.)

The disease (same goes for bulimia) will damage the mind and bodies of people the world over. Its only once a recovery is made that a victim can look back and see how sick they were. I cannot support a size zero campaign. Natural tiny girls look great, but when you force your body to shrink its just not hot. 

I don't agree that we should be putting plus size models on the catwalk (unless its artistic and amazing like Ziad shows) because clothes do look better on stick thin, clothes hanger girls. But I will never promote eating disorders as a manageable diet plan!

I don't think this guy is stupid. I think he's really clever. This is a great way to gain publicity. Apparently he worked in TV? Never heard of him before today.
*Just googled the guy, he was on Big Brother. Yeah... great 'TV career'.*
So he's grabbed a huge controversial subject, he's got thousands of followers on twitter, girls are praising him the world over for his 'advice' and celebrities are tweeting him left right and centre.
Although if these tweet whore girls are busy counting calories and fad dieting I guess they wont be upping teenage pregnancy rates or sharing STI's. 

And if I'm wrong…. then he really is just a total prick.

Watch out girlies - you may not be skinny or pretty but being yourself is generally good enough.

Apologies for my language but this cunt really riles me.

Much love

Jemima Daisy x

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