Friday, 7 January 2011

All a flutter for Four Eyes

Over the past year the geek chic glasses trend has been on the up. From Shoreditch to Croydon, Indie cool to total chavs are donning thick rimmed clear glass specs to meet this trend.
Henleys Eyewear has just commissioned a survey to find out whether people actually find glasses and wearers sexy and an amazing 9 out of 10 people find them attractive.
My mother for having crap eyesight and for passing this to me. 
Also to my constant computer work that makes me more and more short sighted everyday. 
At least now my pink rimmed specs are cool.
When I was at school I had a pair of white horn rimmed clear lense specs that I wore on a daily basis for two weeks and was utterly ridiculed for. They are now cool. So I was what.... 5 years ahead of the trend? 
Obviously they were from a costume shop.

The nations favourite spec wearing celebs are Cheryl Cole and the dashing Johnny Depp.
Get Cheryls look from Henleys.


Get the Johnny look in these stylish round clear lense glasses from ASOS. Only £10!

Henleys Eyewear also interviews celeb stylist Martine Alexander and psychologist Donna Dawson to get to the bottom of why we find geek chic so sexy...


Martine Alexander
With  'geek-chic' being one of the most talked about trends this winter, glasses are a key item to complete the look. Glasses are now seen as a fashion accessory and not just for the short sighted with more and more people buying 'fashion glasses'. Specs, like the Henleys, are no longer seen as a routine part of a daily outfit - they're an aspirational part of a look or a trend. For example, wearing a plain black outfit can be totally transformed with a quirky pair of glasses. More and more of my clients are asking me to advise them on glasses to suit them, their face and personality.


Donna Dawson
Research has shown that the old cliché about glasses making us look more intelligent is true: we tend to think spectacle-wearing people are wiser and more studious. Marilyn Monroe knew this, and tried to counter-act her ‘dumb blonde’ image by wearing glasses when studying in her acting classes. In fact, many actors today wear non-prescription glasses today for that very reason - to make them look more intelligent. However, glasses have an attraction of their own; they draw you to a person because they frame the eyes, the twin windows to the soul, and they signal both vulnerability and mystery.

So there you have it, we love glasses because they add intelligence, sophistication and a bit of edge to our look. Gone are the days when glasses had to be as thick as bottle glass but we seem to be turning more and more to basic old style frames.

For £45 you can get a pair of what would formerly be granddad glasses at Boots optitcians. Now they are climbing to be best sellers as youngsters get in on the action.


2011 will see this trend continue so get yourself a pair of trendy specs ASAP!

Personally I now HATE HATE HATE this trend. Kids in bowties, tweed jackets and thick rimmed glasses make me want to send them back to school in the 50's. Try being a cocky little indie shit now.

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