Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Willow Smith

So, Willow Smith... Probably the coolest little girl in the world.

She's ten. TEN YEARS YOUNG!!!

That's like half my age!
So far she:

Dresses better than me
Dances better than me
Sings better than me.
Earns more money than me.
Considering shes only been able to walk and talk for what... 7 years? That's impressive.

She's like a mini Rihanna....  but dare I say.... cooler?

I wish my dad was Will Smith.

Any one else noticed the names?

WILL and his daughter WILLow and his wife JADA and his son JADEN.

A little self indulgent don't you think? I bet Will's eldest son Trey's feeling a bit left out.

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