Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Halloween and Hair Extensions


Halloween is one of my favourite times of year and I live with a spooktastic fantatic so a Halloween house party had to be done.

My costume was literally made by my Flip-In Hair extensions.
Check out the photos below!

Considering I have a bob and a block fringe I think this was pretty impressive! So a huge thank you to Flip-In Hair for making my hair incredible every time!

Earlier in the day I had curled my extensions with a curling tong, ensuring they curled well by using my GHDs on the hair whilst it was wrapped around the tong - this meant the outer hair got heated and curled to the same extent as the inner hair closest to the tong. This was all spritzed with Sebastian Professional Reshaper which is an awesome hair spray! To get the full effect I blowdried my fringe back onto my hair then popped the extensions on pulling out all of my hair. I then backcombed all of my hair starting at the fringe moving back towards the extensions. I added in a few strip extensions of varying origins and voila! Back combing the extensions closer to the bottom of my hair meant that it blended nicely! ♥

My eyelashes were second most revered item of the night – many comments and questions. I wore two sets – being a total diva. These were from Check these bad boys out!!

Other than lashes my make-up consisted of Rouge Bunny Rouge foundation (gorgeous), Chanel Bronzing Powder, MAC Villians Malificent Blusher, Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara (to blend) and (my all time favourite) MAC black track gel eyeliner! Not forgetting my vampy lipstips - Korres Mango Butter Lipstick and Miners Vixen.

Of course, there are always wardrobe malfunctions. Mine were pretty disasterous. Firstly, my costume was 'Vampire Bunny' but thats not at all how it came across - with 2 pairs of lashes and the below mask I literally couldn't see and this off-set my balance somewhat!

Second was my 'vampire fangs'. Oh dear. The putty that they came with was a)bright blue and b) not sticking to my teeth at all and so I threw this rubbish away and cleverly bought some temporary veneer glue/cement. The first tooth took two capsules of cement to get right leaving me with just one to perfect my second tooth that fell out in the first 20 minutes leaving me half toothless and with nasty white cement stuck to my teeth. The other fang also fell off later in the evening leaving the cement attached to my teeth in the shape of the inside of the tooth. Still vampyric but very much STUCK. So for the past 3 days I have been wandering around with cement stuck to my teeth.

At an amazing gig ( - check them out seriously!) I was unable to smile as the UV lights made my cement teeth light up. Very embarrassing.

Eventually, on a rail replacement bus calling at every station in Kent, I scraped it all off with the metal cap from a disposable lighter. Not my classiest moment.

Moral of this story?...
DON'T PUT CEMENT IN YOUR MOUTH - let a professional do it.

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