Thursday, 4 November 2010

Frightful Fur

This freaked the hell out of me!

Yep, spiders made out of Mink. I LOVE Kopenhagen Fur studio.

Kopenhagen Fur runs the creative laboratory, Kopenhagen Studio, where in-house furriers work closely with international designers and fashion houses to develop new techniques and designs.

Earlier this year I was sent to Copenhagen for their fashion week. It was bitterly cold and this highlighted the need for fur in certain countries.
The best thing about Kopenhagen Fur is the respect they have for this resource.
In Denmark there are something like 3 times the population of people in mink. Mink (ugly little sods really) have to be treated well throughout their life to provide the best pelts - so if your wearing a really good quality fur muff you know that it was a happy little mink.

A cooperative owned by Danish fur farmers, Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s largest fur auction house and the leading provider of luxury fur. At five annual auctions, international fur traders and retailers from around the world meet at Kopenhagen Fur to establish the current market value of fur skins through competitive bidding.

Each year, Kopenhagen Fur auctions offers more than 18 million mink skins in addition to fox, swakara, chinchilla, seal, sable, rex rabbit and karakul skins. The season starts in December followed by auctions in February, April, June and September.

Kopenhagen Fur is also an international fashion brand and a quality label for the finest fur skins in the world. Due to the sheer volume of skins going through the auction house as well as the combination of highly skilled sorters and the use of advanced technology, Kopenhagen Fur has created a unique grading system. Innovation has made Kopenhagen Fur the natural market leader for decades.

The fact that Kopenhagen Fur is a cooperative helps support Danish farmers - it is in the interest of the farmers to keep their end of the deal. After minks are skinned the left overs can be burnt to create energy - always a plus.

The fashion is incredible as well. Collaborating with amazing designer names such as Louise Amstrup and Gareth Pugh the innovation is amazing - the catwalk show was a selection of their designers best pieces - was wonderful. I love fur. I just love fur. I'm so happy its winter and I can get the fur out again. I know alot of people hate fur and think that its cruel but in Denmark its a living, its the industry and its necessary.

And before anyone thinks worse of me - I have been a vegetarian since I was born and a few years ago I would have poured paint over a fur coat.

Not sure why I decided to speak about this, just nice to remember.
Very much would like to go back to Copenhagen soon.

Check out more at

On the topic of fur -
Its fair enough to be anti-fur but.... Eva Mendes getting her baps out for a campaign. Thats it sweetheart raise your profile and provide some spank bank material for backpackers and hippys.

And Kelly Osborne?
Didn't her dad eat a bat? I'm pretty sure I remember a lot of meat cooking in the TV series!

Saying that, I wish that they would stop killing seals - if animals are bred for fur then fine, but seals arent BRED they're just cute mammal/fish freaks of nature.

And have you seen this??
'Bad man' Simon Cowell looking like he's just done a whole shed load of horse tranquilizer.

I understand the animal human bond and I wouldn't wear any pet of mine...
but I won't stop loving fur either.

I don't even have a dog.

Rant over.

Jemima Daisy ♥x

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