Thursday, 25 November 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I don't care to explain... but this song just DOES things to me!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Official Stakes on the Wedding Dress Designer for Kate Middletons Dress

How awful it must be to know that there are people that will win and lose money over the colour/shape/designer of your dress?? Mad. 
Well here are the official bookies numbers right now!

Who will design Kate's wedding dress?
Joint 9/2 favourites have emerged in an early battle between Amanda Wakeley and one of Kate’s favourite designers, Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel. The Queen of British fashion Vivienne Westwood is 6/1 on the list of potential dress makers.
9/2 Amanda Wakeley
9/2 Daniella Issa Helayel
5/1 Elizabeth Emanuel
6/1 Vivienne Westwood
7/1 Bruce Oldfield
8/1 Marchesa
10/1 Jenny Packham
12/1 Vera Wang
12/1 Matthew Williamson
14/1 Alice Temperley
16/1 Oscar de la Renta
20/1 Valentino
20/1 Collette Dinnigan
20/1 Monique Lhuillier
20/1 Jasper Conran
25/1 Carolina Herrera
33/1 Armani
33/1 Dior
33/1 John Galliano
33/1 Chanel
40/1 BCBG Max Azria
50/1 Jigsaw
80/1 Lindka Ceirach
100/1 Robinson Valentine

Others on request

Colour of Queen's Hat

The Queen wore a blue hat for Charles’ and Diana’s wedding and a yellow hat for Charles’ & Camilla’s wedding. It’s difficult to say what colour she might opt for but pastels are definitely her style. Paddy Power make pink their early 9/2 favourite.
9/2 Pink
5/1 Light Blue
5/1 Silver/Grey
5/1 Apricot
6/1 Purple
8/1 Gold
8/1 Green
8/1 Brown
8/1 Dark Blue
10/1 Yellow
10/1 Orange
12/1 Red
16/1 Black
20/1 White

I'm going with M&S, and the queens hat will be bright orange with plastic bananas hanging off it. 

Willow Smith

So, Willow Smith... Probably the coolest little girl in the world.

She's ten. TEN YEARS YOUNG!!!

That's like half my age!
So far she:

Dresses better than me
Dances better than me
Sings better than me.
Earns more money than me.
Considering shes only been able to walk and talk for what... 7 years? That's impressive.

She's like a mini Rihanna....  but dare I say.... cooler?

I wish my dad was Will Smith.

Any one else noticed the names?

WILL and his daughter WILLow and his wife JADA and his son JADEN.

A little self indulgent don't you think? I bet Will's eldest son Trey's feeling a bit left out.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How funky is this??

Its basically a tie shaped scarf. But its not been done before has it!

Andties are crafted by hand in Scandinavia and made from high quality materials. The Andtie is the first of its kind, so you might be the first in town to wear it. Well at least they're ambitious.

I think that these are really nice, but massively over priced and I look forward to seeing a copycat in Topshop or on In the mean time have a browse! 


Go East! Despair as 'The Only Way Is Essex' ends...

Its safe to say that ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ has swept the FashionCapital office and the UK. We are all sad to see the series go as the finale is aired tonight. If you are as sad as us to see it go then here’s some Essex stlye glamour to brighten our days until the next reality series drives us wild.







There you have it, a guide to letting loose the Essex girl within you.

Much Love,

Jemima Daisy x

If you're still missing the Essex Crew then warm your heart and belly with a quick classic recipe from Nanny Pat.
(makes 6 to 8)

1 375g (13oz) Packet Of Readymade Puff Pastry
1 Tablespoon Of Butter
1 Small Onion, Diced
1kg (2¼lb) Sausage Meat
1 Egg, Beaten

Preparation method:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 200C / 400F/ Gas 6.
2. Roll out the pastry into a rectangle about 25cm/10in by 20cm/8in.
3. Heat the butter in a frying pan, and add the onion, cooking until it is softened but not coloured.
4. In a mixing bowl, combine the onion and the sausage meat well.
5. Put the sausage mixture down the middle of the long length of the pastry. With a sharp knife, cut slits 3cm/1in apart, 1cm/½in away from the sausage mixture to the edge of the pastry, slanting away from you. Brush with beaten egg.
6. Starting at the end nearest to you, fold the pastry alternately over each other, to give a 'plait' effect. Brush the top with beaten egg.
7. Transfer to a baking tray and bake in the centre of the oven for 40 minutes, reducing the temperature to 150C / 300F/ Gas 2 after 20 minutes. Serve in slices hot or cold.

NB I've only watched one episode myself, the rest have been relayed to me via colleagues.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Model Workshop 07.11.10

Once every 6 weeks I photograph a bunch of wannabe models....

A lot of these aspiring models have no experience and its always a surprise finding out that some one you didn't expect much of is a great model.

The Modelling Workshops are run by Michaela Harwood of Edge Models and Extras - They include an hour of dance with a choreographer and two hours of catwalk practice and other modelling advce and exercises. For more information email

I'm crap with names but I can remember people, so here's my feed back.

This guy seemed a bit shy to start with but he was very comfortable in front of the camera and he'd make a great catalogue model or doing commercial work - I think he's going a spark but nothing outstanding enough to make him a huge fashion model.  I also think he'd make a great actor/extra.
He took direction in front of the camera really well and listened to instructions as well as doing his own thing.
Suggestion : More mirror practicing - trying out different poses and knowing what works best!

This chick also had a great look and has a very 'fashion' face but her skin wasn't perfect. I loved her little russian hat - happy that some one brought a little prop! She didn't take direction as well as I'd hoped but I think there was a slight language barrier - despite this she was very friendly and cheerful - I love happy models!
Suggestion : More practice with direction as well as working out which angles are her best in photographs - that way even if the direction isn't great she can work it on her own!

Oh Anna! I have used Anna before for a studio shoot ( and a catwalk. When I first met her I wasn't sure about her, but I discovered that she photographs beautifully, has a GREAT attitude and takes direction really well, its was chucking it down on Sunday but Anna still got on her knee's in the Autumn leaves and threw them up in the air. Good girl!
Suggestion: Just as much work as possible and building up her looks and portfolio.

This girl had a great outfit and I hoped we could do something really fun but I found that she was a little wooden. There was no spark in her eyes and direction was a little harder than it needed to be. Of course there were still some great photos of her but I felt she'd make a better extra than a fashion model.
Suggestion : Being more alive and get into a shoot, there has to be a warmth in the photos! Just practice with the eyes - much more feeling needed in the eyes.

Another slightly wooden model but this lady had a great figure, was very friendly and tried very hard in front of the camera - maybe a little too hard.
 I loved the 70's outfit and I wish we'd been able to get more out of it - the poses verged on fierce but there's still something missing behind the eyes for me.  How ever I think she'd look great on TV.
Suggestion : Just more practice in front of the camera discovering new poses and what works.

I loved this girl, she has such a classic look, beautiful eyes, gorgeous bone structure and charming smile! Lady crush you say? Not quite! But I really liked working with this girl and her pictures came out great, I'd definitely consider her for a show/shoot.

This girl has obviously done alot of work before, her legs are like pins... very jealous. That and her suede boots gave me an orgasm. I think this girl has alot of potential but some of her poses were quite 'glamour'. Still, great pictures, great attitude. Nice girl - would use her again especially for catwalk!
Suggestion : Working with more photographers, new poses, as much as possible in the way of experience!

Honestly this chick could get a job as a Davina look alike instantly!
She's got very similar features to the presenter. I found it a problem that she wore flat boots for her photos although I loved her check dress, worked really well with the white wood and the autumn leaves. Seemed very wannabe Chanel - a pair of clogs would have made this perfect!
She seemed very awkward in new poses and had the wrong idea about her best angles (her chin up too high was not a great look). Overall though I enjoyed working with her and got some great results.
Suggestion: Work on some interesting poses and taking direction.


Loved this girl's eyes. She looked so timid but BAM there's this huge streak of hair! She took direction pretty well but I think she needs to try out new facial expressions as I didn't see her smile once! I think she has a lot of fashion potential and is another girl I'd consider using again.
Suggestion : work on some different facial expressions to stay versatile.
I think this girl was very pretty but her hair let her down a little bit. She took direction well and was friendly enough but I wasn't convinced that she wanted to be a model - not sure why but just felt her heart wasnt in it.
Suggestion : Make sure modelling is what you want to do and again work on the eyes - put your heart and soul into everyshoot no matter how crap the weather is!

This brummy was a total sweetheart and I loved her look - she looked like a bit of a diva but turned out to be a lovely girl to work with. Her photos came out really well and her outfit was glitzy and provided a little bit of glamour!
Suggestion : I think she needs more practice in front of the camera as she didn't take direction quite as well as some.

We had to move out of the dark and rain with this girl and we got some great flirty/50's shots. I don't think she could be a high fashion model as her skin isnt great and she's far too smiley and cute so I think she'd be a great commercial model, maybe doing some magazine work as she looks young enough to cover Bliss. I also think she'd be great on TV.
Suggestion : Work on something more sultry - you won't be young for ever so you need your look to grow with you.


So, that was probably the least scathing I've ever been. I have to add that I hate PC's. Images that look great and perfectly retouched on a Mac look like crap on a badly calibrated PC :(

Much Love

Jemima Daisy x

Friday, 5 November 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Not even that guilty.... just a great song for today :)
Big wedding today, massive shopping day tomorrow, fireworks, model workshop.
I'll speak to you dawgs next week. ♥

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lady Gaga.... My what long legs you have!

Spotted wearing these mental shoes :

Every one heard the latest Gaga Gossip? The University of South Carolina thats offering a full-time degree course called, Lady GaGa and the Sociology of Fame. The university’s description reads ”The central objective is to unravel some of the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady GaGa"
Check out the course here :
I think perhaps this was a clever ploy on the part of the University... a nifty way to fill up their open days!

Well done them - I bet they do a course in cheeky advertising too!

Frightful Fur

This freaked the hell out of me!

Yep, spiders made out of Mink. I LOVE Kopenhagen Fur studio.

Kopenhagen Fur runs the creative laboratory, Kopenhagen Studio, where in-house furriers work closely with international designers and fashion houses to develop new techniques and designs.

Earlier this year I was sent to Copenhagen for their fashion week. It was bitterly cold and this highlighted the need for fur in certain countries.
The best thing about Kopenhagen Fur is the respect they have for this resource.
In Denmark there are something like 3 times the population of people in mink. Mink (ugly little sods really) have to be treated well throughout their life to provide the best pelts - so if your wearing a really good quality fur muff you know that it was a happy little mink.

A cooperative owned by Danish fur farmers, Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s largest fur auction house and the leading provider of luxury fur. At five annual auctions, international fur traders and retailers from around the world meet at Kopenhagen Fur to establish the current market value of fur skins through competitive bidding.

Each year, Kopenhagen Fur auctions offers more than 18 million mink skins in addition to fox, swakara, chinchilla, seal, sable, rex rabbit and karakul skins. The season starts in December followed by auctions in February, April, June and September.

Kopenhagen Fur is also an international fashion brand and a quality label for the finest fur skins in the world. Due to the sheer volume of skins going through the auction house as well as the combination of highly skilled sorters and the use of advanced technology, Kopenhagen Fur has created a unique grading system. Innovation has made Kopenhagen Fur the natural market leader for decades.

The fact that Kopenhagen Fur is a cooperative helps support Danish farmers - it is in the interest of the farmers to keep their end of the deal. After minks are skinned the left overs can be burnt to create energy - always a plus.

The fashion is incredible as well. Collaborating with amazing designer names such as Louise Amstrup and Gareth Pugh the innovation is amazing - the catwalk show was a selection of their designers best pieces - was wonderful. I love fur. I just love fur. I'm so happy its winter and I can get the fur out again. I know alot of people hate fur and think that its cruel but in Denmark its a living, its the industry and its necessary.

And before anyone thinks worse of me - I have been a vegetarian since I was born and a few years ago I would have poured paint over a fur coat.

Not sure why I decided to speak about this, just nice to remember.
Very much would like to go back to Copenhagen soon.

Check out more at

On the topic of fur -
Its fair enough to be anti-fur but.... Eva Mendes getting her baps out for a campaign. Thats it sweetheart raise your profile and provide some spank bank material for backpackers and hippys.

And Kelly Osborne?
Didn't her dad eat a bat? I'm pretty sure I remember a lot of meat cooking in the TV series!

Saying that, I wish that they would stop killing seals - if animals are bred for fur then fine, but seals arent BRED they're just cute mammal/fish freaks of nature.

And have you seen this??
'Bad man' Simon Cowell looking like he's just done a whole shed load of horse tranquilizer.

I understand the animal human bond and I wouldn't wear any pet of mine...
but I won't stop loving fur either.

I don't even have a dog.

Rant over.

Jemima Daisy ♥x